Beantown over New York, 34-0

download NYRCIt was a wet and cold day in Massachusetts when Beantown took the field in their second game against New York. New York put up a good fight, but Beantown was able to dominate the whole eighty minutes. At the end of the match, Beantown put up 34 points to New York’s 0, earning them not only the win but a bonus point for having more than four tries.

From the beginning, Beantown put the pressure on New York, especially in the scrums. Even though the play was messy in the wet weather, Beantown pushed deep into New York territory quickly and made a quick score off the scrum by Mel Denham. The kick was no good, and Beantown was up 5-0. ¬†After the next kickoff there was a lot of turnover ball with possession moving between teams quickly. Beantown was able to put up a solid defense and keep the ball mostly on New York’s side. With some more solid scrums and some beautiful passing between the forwards and backs, Tess Kohanski put in another try for Beantown. Again the kick was no good, and the score was 10-0 Beantown.

Again after the kickoff there was a lot of back and forth between the two teams. Beantown utilized their backs kicking abilities with some well placed kicks about the field. This saw Beantown deep in New York territory again. Beantown won the ball of a lineout at the New York 5 meter line, and the forwards set up a solid maul and got the ball down in the try zone. The kick was missed, and Beantown was up 15-0. Within a few minutes half time was called.

The second half saw New York with some renewed energy. After the kickoff, New York made use of their own kicking skills and had some solid kicks down fields. For a short time they maintained possesion and got the ball moving forward. On a penalty to Beantown there was a scrum, and New York was able to wheel it, getting the ball for themselves. However, Beantown got the ball back and capitalized on their speed outside, leading to a try scored by Alyssa Green. Emily Jones made a beautiful kick through the uprights, putting the score at 22-0 Beantown. On the next kickoff, despite turning the ball over to New York, Beantown was able to get the ball back and move it forward. A knock-on by Benatown resulted in a scrum to New York, but Beantown was able to win the scrum and get the ball out wide again for another try, this time being scored by Ashley Clancy. Again the kick was no good, and the score was 27-0 Beantown.

After the next kickoff there were more knocked on balls resulting in the turnover of possession. New York had a couple good breaks through the Beantown defense but weren’t able to make a try out of any of them. On a line out Beantown got the ball and the Beantown forwards made a series of great passes, leading to another score by Tess Kohanski. Emily Jones was again able to get the ball squarely through the uprights, and the game was called. Final score was 34-0 Beantown.

Match Video

WPL 2013 Week 4: New York @ Beantown from Women's Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

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