Beantown takes the DC Furies, 39-0

download c2e64689b5ebb6c43006ee8bb3e76e5fIt was a cold day in Devens, MA when Beantown took the field against the DC Furies in their second match against each other. Earlier this season, the Furies had beaten Beantown, and Beantown was looking for revenge. Additionally, Beantown needed to secure a win and a bonus point to guarantee a spot in the top four at nationals this year. The ladies of Beantown proved more then up to the task, taking a 39-0 win and clinching their spot playing for the national championship in Philly this Novemeber.

Right from the get go, Beantown came out with a force. Within the first two minutes Beantown secured a try (scored by center Jess Peterson), and Emily Jones put a solid kick through the uprights, putting the score at 7-0 Beantown. This seemed to set the tone for the rest of the game, with Beantown pushing relentlessly in the Furies’ half. Within ten minutes another try was put down for Beantown, this time by flanker Jackie Cairns. Kick was no good, and the score was 12-0 Beantown. The Furies seemed to rally a bit after this, but couldn’t turn any of their good movement forward into a try. Beantown got the ball back and the forwards put forward some beautiful mauling. Around the thirty minute mark forward Sharyn “Moose” Wacht put down a try for Beantown. The kick was again no good and the score was 17-0 Beantown. Just before the half, flanker and co-captain Rachel Milligan put in a try of her own, securing the bonus point Beantown had been looking for. At half, the score was 22-0 Beantown.

The second half saw no let up by Beantown. There was a lot of back and forth between the teams with possesion, but Beantown was again able to prevail with another try, scored by prop Elizabeth Fierman, twenty minutes into the half, putting the score at 29-0 with a beautiful kick by Emily Jones. Five minutes later, following the most beautiful passing I have ever seen between forwards and backs, winger Ashley “Flicka” Clancy put down another try for Beantown. The score was 34-0 Beantown. About two minutes before the end of the game, clearly not satisfied with her her try 20 minutes earlier, prop Elizabeth Fierman put in the final try for Beantown, and the game ended with Beantown at 39, Furies at 0. At this point I would be remiss if I did not say the Furies put up a good fight. But Beantown won the day handily, and the win will be a great way to go into their game against Glendale next week.

Match Video

WPL 2013 Week 5: DC Furies at Beantown from Women's Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

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