Glendale Prevails over NYRC, 56-21

NYRC_logo2 1be47b5eac9276a57b83531948564507The New York Rugby Club hosted the Glendale Raptors in the penultimate game of the WPL regular season at Randall’s Island. Though New York put forth a cohesive effort for the duration, Glendale’s experience led to a 56-21 victory for the visitors.

The scoring started at the 5 minute minute mark, when Glendale sent the ball out wide to Erin Overcash after a series of play within the hosts’ 22. The try went unconverted, but several minutes later Raptor wing Nicole Wanamaker also found her way across the line, bringing the score to 10-0 for the visitors. NYRC then capitalized on a turned-over ball, retaining possession in the  visitors half for several phases before flyhalf Mary McCarthy found a gap and made it over the line. McCarthy then converted her try, for a score of 10-7 at the 16th minute. After several physical minutes of forwards’ ball, Glendale 8-man Laura Miller fought across the line for an ultimately unconverted try. The following 15 minutes was a back and forth battle of possession, which  resulted in a Glendale try by hooker Kitt Wagner that brought the score to 20-7 in the visitors’ favor. NYRC contested the kickoff within Glendale’s half, and after a batch of particularly vigorous rucking, Glendale was penalized and prop Mary Pezzulo was issued a yellow card. NYRC capitalized on the advantage in numbers, and once again Mary McCarthy found her way into the tryzone and converted, for a half time score of 14-20.

In the second half, the set piece and rucks continued to be well-contested. Glendale’s support runners and off loads in tackles, however, resulted in 6 Raptor tries in the second half by a cast of forwards (Laura Miller [2], Sarah Chabot, Mary Pezzulo, and impact sub Jamie Burke) and lone back Hallie Koeppen. Glendale flyhalf Hannah Stolba converted three of the six tries. NYRC then rallied for a single last-minute try, carried across the line again and converted by McCarthy, for a final score of 56-21 Glendale.

Glendale will host Beantown next weekend, while New York will travel to D.C. to play the Furies in the final match of the WPL regular season.

Match Video

NYRC v. Glendale 10.20.13 from Women’s Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

1. Rebecca Brafman
2. Jaimee Nelson
16. Rachel Hughes
4. Naomi Oberman Breindel
5. Lacy Higgins
6. Adria Orr
7. Autumn Neuharth
8. Jordyn Lexton
9. Jess Berry
10. Mary McCarthy
11. Erika Granger
12. Yoshi Shapiro
13. Kailin Ruggiero
14. Nicole Humphrey
15. Lisa Roselin

17. Kathryn Steck (Neuharth @ 71)
18. Karen Lampe  (Berry @ 74)
19. Leah Wylie (Ruggiero @ 74)
20. Monika Rozkowska
21. Koma Gandy (Lexton @ 74)
22. Maya Steward (Johnson @ 74)
23. Jackie Johnson (Shapiro @ 51)
24. Blair Station (Granger @ 51)

1. Sarah Chabot
2. Kittery Wagner
3. Jen Montoya
4. Mary Pezzulo
5. Kristen Shilosky
6. Joanna Kitlinski
7. Rachel Ryan
8. Laura Miller
9. Brittney Houston
10. Hannah Stolba
11. Nichole Wanamaker
12. Gedda Rodrigues
13. Beverie Sultana
14. Nicole Prescott
15. Erin Overcash

16. Jamie Burke (Montoya @ 43)
17. Kat Mclaughlin (Ryan @ 65)
18. Katie Janus (Wagner @ 65)
19. Rachel Stelting
20. Kandis Ruiz (Prescott @ 63)
21. Hallie Koeppen (Sultana @ 43)
22. Tracy Gola (Houston @ 74)
23. Juliann Tordonato (Koeppen @ 72)

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