Raptors Finish Regulation Season Undefeated

DSC_0212_2The Raptors and Beantown took to the pitch Saturday at infinity Park for their last match up of the regulation season. Beantown came out hard, demonstrating an aggressive and controlling form of play. Glendale found themselves on their heels inside their red zone, and Beantown put the first points on the board within the first two minutes.

The Raptors shook off the quick try and a defensive battle ensued near midfield. It was 11 minutes later that Beantown would capitalize on a Glendale penalty and earned three more points on a penalty kick. From there, Glendale seemed to settle slightly and took the lead 17-10 by half time.

DSC_0596With the first half behind them, the Raptors returned to the pitch calm and collected – and settled into playing their pattern. Jojo Kitlinski – who would later be named Player of the Match for Glendale – scored two of her three tries in the second half. Rodriguez-Howard, Stolba and Wagner all contributed to blowing the match apart in the second half as well. Beantown put forth a great effort to stay in the match, by remaining aggressive and scoring two tries, but they were unable to stop Glendale’s momentum.

Final score from the Infinity Park stadium: Glendale Raptors 48, Beantown 20.

Match Video

Raptors VS Beantown October 26 Infinity Park from Women’s Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

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