ORSU Replaces Beantown – 2014 Women’s Premier League Rugby

We aren’t afraid to eat our foot here at YSC! With the annoucement that Beantown was leaving the WPL we had recently speculated that ORSU wouldn’t step back up to the WPL. We were wrong!

Press Release

Women's Premier League RugbyWomen’s Premier League (WPL) Rugby is pleased to welcome back Oregon Sports Union (ORSU) this fall!

An inagural member of the WPL from 2009 to 2010, ORSU won the 2014 USA Rugby Division 1 National Championship in 2014 after finishing second in 2013 and will replace the departing Beantown side.

Following the recent promotion and relegation announcements, and unanimous member support to test geographic conferences in what marks its sixth season, the updated 2014 WPL schedule will be released soon. [EDITOR’S NOTE: The schedule was announced a few days after this press release.]

Blue (Western) Conference

Berkeley All Blues
Glendale Raptors
San Diego Surfers

Red (Eastern) Conference

Atlanta Harlequins
New York
Twin Cities Amazons
DC Furies

WPL Website

WPL Facebook


Now the real question becomes, should the WPL continue? Should their competitive season remain opposite of the competitive Club Season?

We believe there is still a need for the WPL but agree with Beckett Royce and others that it should be re-absorbed into the Club Rugby League. At the very least it should be realigned with the rest of the Club Rugby structure. We were at the USA Rugby Club Playoffs in Irving, TX and it was thrilling to be back with the men. Imagine our best men’s and women’s teams in one location, just like it used to be so many years ago!

We love to hear your thoughts, leave it in the comments or hit us up at wendy@scrumhalfconnection.com.

4 thoughts on “ORSU Replaces Beantown – 2014 Women’s Premier League Rugby”

  1. Due to the current league structure, we (ORSU) did not have a choice if we wanted to have a reasonable level of competition. The Seattle Breakers and Emerald City Mudhens have merged. If we were to stay in DI, we would have only had 2 league games spanning the entire year.
    As a team, we would prefer to have USA Rugby implement Beckett’s restructure proposal, a large part of which is to dissolve the WPL.

    • We understand about your options and agree that instead of being forced into the WPL you should have had other choices. We are strong supporters of Beckett’s restructure as well.


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