Amazons vs. Atlanta Harlequins | WPL Rugby Match Report & Video


As with any season opener this match came with great anticipation, both teams coming into the contest with something to prove.  Atlanta is in their second year of WPL play after finishing well at nationals last year, and the Amazons are defending their national title.

It was a great day for rugby in Minnesota, sun shining and about 55 degrees at kickoff. After a few minutes of back and forth play, the Amazons struck first with Jamie Zarembinski dotting over the line. Conversion was missed, but Zons were up 5-0. Forward play continued to dominate, both teams plagued by penalties and handling errors, until Katana Howard broke the silence around minute 20. In her flyhalf debut with the Zons, Katana touched down a try that was converted by Jacie Vonada to put the Zons up 12-0. The Harlequins were not silent for much longer however, with #9 Amanda Carrington scoring at minute 27, no conversion Zons still lead 12-5. Atlanta with a lot of momentum at this point, continue to push the Zons back. With penalties starting to mount against the Zons, Atlanta pushed into the try zone again at minute 34. This time it was hooker Keta Sutton with the score, and conversion was made tying up the match 12-12. Back and forth play continued, but the neither team gained the lead before halftime.

In the second half the Zons came out hard with their forwards cleaning up some issues from the first half, and scoring in right away. Jamie Zarembinski put down a try at minute 21, it was converted by Jacie Vonada putting the Zons in the lead again at 19-12.  Atlanta answered this with a huge stanza of back and forth play, after 20 minutes of fight in the Harlequins’ half, the Zons finally got over the line again. This time it was Lynelle Kugler with the score, and Jacie following with another conversion to bring the Zons up to 26-12. This was followed by another forward try by front row sub Alissa Pehrson to bring the score to 33-12, and another try from Lynelle. Conversion was missed but the score of 38-12 carried through to the end of the match. Overall it was a strong match of forward heavy rugby.


Harlequins: 12

Trys: (2)
Amanda Carrington (@27)
Keta Sutton (@34)

Conversions: (1)
Jessica Wooden (@35)

Amazons: 38

Trys: (6)
Jamie Zarembinski (@6)(@44)
Katana Howard (@20)
Lynelle Kugler (@62)(@73)
Alissa Pehrson (@68)

Conversions: (4)
Jacie Vonada (@21)(@44)(@63)(@68)


Atlanta Harlequins

  1. Kassidi Wynter
  2. Keta Sutton
  3. Sharon Lau
  4. Kimberly Knipe
  5. Carly Harrington
  6. Angela Sun
  7. Madeline Vara
  8. Betty Wilbanks
  9. Amanda Carrington
  10. Lara Gartner
  11. Allie Price
  12. Rosiline Chou
  13. Jenna Grygier
  14. Briana Osetinsky
  15. Jessica Wooden
  16. Carmel Dixon
  17. Lauren Hart
  18. Shantel Nelson
  19. Becky Martin
  20. Judy Dikson

Twin Cities Amazons

  1. Ali Gillberg
  2. Jamie Zarembinski
  3. Andrea Vollmuth
  4. Morgan Johnson
  5. Anna Brown
  6. Mel Krug
  7. Lynelle Kugler
  8. Stacey Bridges
  9. Rachel Lentsch
  10. Katana Howard
  11. Kaelene Lundstrum
  12. Ashley Perry
  13. Jacie Vonada
  14. Kayla Finn
  15. Carla Schleicher
  16. Ashley Nelson
  17. Ashley Kastendick
  18. Alissa Pehrson
  19. Angela Ahrendt
  20. Amazons Kingzett
  21. Emilee Berkhalter
  22. Debbie Stenoien
  23. Tiffany Gjestvang

 Match Video

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