All Blues Meet Surfers in Hard Fought Match | Match Report & Video

San Diego Surfers Women's Rugby Berkeley All Blues Women's RugbyThe Berkeley All Blues took on the San Diego Surfers in the second week of WPL action on Treasure Island in San Francisco. After a hard fought match, the Surfers edged out the All Blues, 26-22.

Treasure Island was foggy and wet, and both teams were contending with slick conditions throughout the game. The opening minutes resulted in quick try from the Surfers, as they were able to slice through the back line and #9 Elizabeth Trujillo was able to dot the ball across the try line, putting the Surfers up 5 – 0 at the 1:46 mark.

The next 30 minutes belonged to the All Blues, who were able to maintain strong possession with a focus on drives from the forward pack. Katie Chou in particular shined on the day, touching the ball over the line at the 6:50 mark for the first All Blues try. 10 minutes later, the forward pack was able to drive a 35 meter maul, causing the Surfers to commit a penalty and offer the All Blues an opening. Strike lines from Lucy Croy and Bisi Ibrahim set up back Sarah Davis for another All Blues try at 18:17. Davis was able to convert the kick, making the score 12-5.

The Surfers were able to bounce back late in the half, capitalizing on several ruck penalties from the All Blues. #4 Alana Lewis found the try line in the 35th minute, and #13 Hayley Barclay sent the ball through the uprights, making the score 12-12 at half.

Both teams came roaring out at half with a marked increase in physicality. The slick conditions led to scrums and lineouts for both teams, hotly contested on defense. The All Blues were able to steal a scrum from the Surfers, only to have the favor returned in lineout minutes later. Possession changed over and over during the next 20 minutes, with neither teams able to score. The All Blues were again able to find the try zone in the 61st minute after an incredibly physical series from both teams, in which the Surfers put up a great stand in their own 22. #5 Katie Chou made the final push, diving into the try zone and putting the All Blues up again 17-12.

Not even 5 minutes later, the Surfers were able to fight back. After receiving a cross field kick, winger Mollie Martin was able to weave through traffic and put together an impressive 60 meter run to score. The converted kick by #13 Barclay made the score 19-17. A defensive disconnect got the better of the All Blues just a few minutes later, with Martin scoring again around the edge for another Surfers try. Another conversion made the score 17-26 in the 72nd minute.

The All Blues did not give up, and were able to turn the ball over shortly after the re-kick. Utilizing the forward strength with players like World Cup veteran #2 Katy Augustyn, the All Blues pushed again into the Surfers 22. #5 Katie Chou decided to get a hat trick on the day, and put together an incredible run for another try in the 79th minute. Down by 4, the All Blues were able to rush the kick in order to receive the ball one more time with 14 seconds left. Unfortunately, the All Blues were not able to put together a final run, and the game ended 26-22.

The All Blues thank the Surfers for a hard fought match, and look forward to the next meeting in San Diego on October 11th.

Match Video

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