Hard Fought Battle between San Diego Surfers and ORSU | WPL Match Report & Video

orsu_rugby New_Surfer_logo_smThe San Diego Surfers met ORSU at home this past Saturday for a game that can only be described best as a bar-room brawl for second place in the West. There were several lead changes and both teams fought hard but ORSU was victorious with a late try and conversion which sealed their victory 39-36.

ORSU wasted no time, scoring the first try of the game within the first 5 minutes by #5 Te Awhina Ho Chee. A good conversion kick by #11 Jackie Lewis soon made the score 7-0. The Surfers retaliated with a try scored by scrum-half Elizabeth Trujillo, #9 and a quick conversion by Hayley Barclay, # 10. From that point on the game would go back and forth as both teams fought for possession of the ball, it was anyone’s game.

ORSU was ahead a try, #8 Sharon Blaney, when Mollie Martin, #11, from the Surfers scored an amazing try in the far corner of the try zone. Sharon Blaney scored a breakaway try to pull ORSU ahead but was quickly evened out when Kyla Roth, #22 for the Surfers and blood sub for Mollie Martin scored the Surfers their 3rd try of the game. An excellent conversion by Hayley Barclay, #10 sent the Surfers 2 points ahead at half time with a score of 19-17.

The Surfers came out strong with a penalty kick in minute 44 of the game sending the score to 22-17. A try for ORSU by # Adrienne Acosta from ORSU soon evened out the score. ORSU gained a sizable lead with two tries within 8 minutes of each other by San Juanita Morena and Anna Symonds bringing the score to a lopsided 32-22. The Surfers fought back hard, scrum-half Elizabeth Trujillo scored her second try of the day in minute 70 and starting loose head prop Vivian Hansen blasted her way through ORSU’s defenses to score her first try of the game in minute 75. The conversion kicks for both tries were kicked by Hayley Barclay and contributed to the score of  36-32 in minute 76.

With only 4 minutes left in the game the Surfers needed to focus on ball retention but the tenacity and drive of ORSU proved to be relentless. The Surfers lost control of the ball and a last minute try by #5 Te Awhina Ho Chee from ORSU sealed their victory. A conversion kick by #11 Jackie Lewis brought the final score of the game to 39-36 in favor of ORSU.

The Surfers move into their bye week and continue to prepare with an added sense of drive and vigor. The Surfers next game will be against the Berkeley All Blues on October 11th at home.

Match Video

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