California Rivals Surfers and All Blues Meet | WPL Match Report & Video

Berkeley Women's Rugby San Diego Surgers Women's RugbyThe San Diego Surfers met their California rivals, Berkeley All Blues, this past weekend at Doyle field for the week 4 matchup in the WPL season. The heat that Southern California has been experiencing let up slightly which made for a much more comfortable game temperature wise.

Both teams looked strong and well rested after coming off the league wide bye-week. Strong focused practices for the Surfers during the break renewed the resolve and drive of the whole team. The Surfers used their collective strength and with the speed of fullback, #15, Tia Blythe scored the first try for the Surfers and of the game. Fly-half Hayley Barclay kicked for the conversion points bringing the Surfers into the lead.

A penalty was awarded to the Surfers which Barclay kicked to goal bringing the score to 10-0 in favor of the Surfers. The All Blues regrouped and retaliated using their forward momentum and power with lock Allison Byrne scoring the first try for Berkeley and Ruth Bryson, #10, following up with a good conversion kick.

Possession of the ball went back and forth between the two teams, forcing the other to work for ground gained. Bisi Ibrahim scored the last try of the first half with an epic steal from mid-air off of a Surfer to Surfer pass. Using her speed as she scored a 40 meter breakaway try for the All Blues, by far the most dynamic play of the game. Another conversion kick by Ruth Bryson brought the score at half-time to 10-14 in favor of the All Blues.

The All Blues used the strength of their forward pack to gain ground and bulldoze over the Surfers which paved the way for Katie Chou to score a diving try with Surfers clinging on. Eleven minutes later Chou scored her second try of the game bringing the score to 10-26 at minute 66. Ruth Bryson kicked the conversion and added 2 points to the score for the All Blues.

The Surfers did not accept defeat and were able to move the ball out to Kijana Gaines who, using her speed and agility, scored a try for the Surfers. Fly-half Hayley Barclay continued to prove what an excellent and calm kicker she is by adding 2 points for a solid kick through the uprights.

The persistent driving and rucking of the All Blues proved to be a winning strategy with the final try and conversion of the game made by #8 Phoebe Boone and #10 Ruth Bryson respectively. The final score of the game was 17-35, All Blues.

Both teams have away games going into week 5 with the Surfers playing ORSU at Fuller’s Farm on October 18, 2014 and the All Blues playing Glendale in Colorado.

Match Video

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