Amazons vs. New York Rugby Club | WPL Match Report & Video

Twin City Amazons Women's Rugby New York RugbyThis weekend marked the 5th weekend of the WPL season, and the final home match for the Amazons. The Minnesota sun was shining and the weather was great for rugby when the two teams in orange and blue took the pitch.

The Zons started off the match quickly with a try from backrow player Stacey Bridges, this was followed by a conversion from Jacie Vonada. A few minutes later, the backline got through with a nice try by Sylvia Braaten. Another 2 for Jacie and the Zons lead 14-0.  After some back and forth play, including some handling errors from the Zons and some tough scrummaging from New York, the Zons found their way through to a try by center Maria Bowker. After another conversion from Jacie, the Zons fought again through tough set pieces and handling errors. After 10 minutes, Jacie found her way through to put one down herself. This was followed by Lynelle Kugler scoring two in a row to end the half 38-0 Zons in the lead.

After halftime the Zons came in looking to clean up some errors, and after a few minutes this paid off with another try from Jacie Vonada. Lots of scrummaging and back and forth play ensued, but after 15 minutes Carla Schleicher found her way to the try zone, conversion made, score now 50-0. The Amazons continue to work, making subs and changes in line-ups, while New York continues to be a force in the set pieces and get a few breaks. The Zons defense pushes them back however, then at 68′ winger Kayla Finn finds the try zone. This will be the last score of the match, ending it at 55-0. Amazons win.

Match Video

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