Central Coast Sevens – Maple Leafs take the Cup

Coral Coast Sevens | Maple LeafsThe Central Coast Sevens Women’s Kinesio Cup Final was a thriller for sure! The Maple Leafs met the Aussie Pearls and the Leafs came out on top 43-7. International Women’s Rugby Player of the year, Magali Harvey of the Maple Leafs was named MVP once again.

John Tait, coach of the Maple Leafs, said he was really pleased:

“It was our best overall performance of the weekend in the most important game.

“For us we are using the tour as an opportunity to develop some players, it’s a great level and been a mix of teams we don’t know.

“We’ve played some hard games along the way and the results don’t always indicate the challenge that it was. We really enjoyed the tournament and are planning to come back again!”

Rewatch all of the matches on http://www.centralcoastsevens.com.au/.

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