All Blues take 2nd Place in League with Win over ORSU | WPL Match Report & Video

Berkeley Women's Rugby ORSU Women's RugbyUncharacteristic for the Bay Area, Saturday’s match between the All Blues and ORSU was precipitated by rain throughout the city and at Saint Mary’s University, where the final match of the season took place. The field was wet and muddy, and both teams were in for a hard fought match. The standings in the conference were on the line, ORSU leading in points going into the match. The All Blues needed to win and keep ORSU from getting numerous bonus points in order to achieve 2nd in the league and play in the top bracket in nationals.

ORSU struck first, only 4 minutes into the game with Moreno squeaking over the line after a series of phases from ORSU in which the All Blues were unable to keep them from making the gain line. Not long after the try, ORSU’s #10 needed to come off the field due to a collision with the All Blues #9, and ORSU was put under pressure to shift players into different positions.

The All Blues responded with a try of their own in the 8th minute, with #6 Sonia Globerson-lamb touching the ball down. Neither team was able to convert their first try, and the score stood 5 – 5. The All Blues loose forwards struck again in the 20th minute, with Phoebe Boone scoring after the back line was able to slice through ORSU and make a 30 yard advancement. #10 Ruth Bryson slotted in the conversion kick, making the score 12 – 5.

Much of the game was played in the middle of the field, with both teams committing handling errors, due in part to the weather, and the forward packs given plenty of challenge in the scrum. The remainder of the match was characterized by heavy physicality and many ball carries for both forward packs. The rest of the game was scoreless, and with a tense final 5 minutes, the All Blues finished the game on top.

With the win, the All Blues finished 2nd in the league, and will take on the Minnesota Amazons in the first game of the national championships in Atlanta.

Match Video

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