Updated OTC Roster for USA Rugby Women’s Eagles

USA Rugby & Olympic RugbyThe USA Rugby Eagles are 94 days from the 2016 Olympic Summer Games, and have one HSBC World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series event remaining. The updated roster of 20 includes long-time veterans Jillion Potter, Lauren Doyle, Victoria Folayan, Bui Baravilala and Kelly Griffin.

A familiar face has returned to the squad, Kathryn “KJ” Johnson is back after continuing to train for the Olympics and playing with the ATAVUS’ all-star team at the Las Vegas Invitational tournament in March.

The newest member of the squad is 17-year-old Lilly Durbin from Fallbrook High School. She is the only athlete without a Series cap, but has played internationally with the USA Rugby Girls High School All-Americans and the AIG Women’s Junior All-Americans.

At the last two stops, the Eagles claimed the Plate at Atlanta 7s and placed a dismal 7th at Canada 7s. Walker acknowledges the ups and downs since he has taken over but believes that he had to give players the chance to prove themselves. Specifically about Canada 7s, Walker said “We didn’t do too well in Canada, but we knew we weren’t because we were going in as individuals to see if they could apply what they’ve learned and what they know to the Series environment, and also those players coming back from injury.”

The last stop for the Eagles will be Clermont-Ferrand, France, May 28-29. Then it’s the biggest stage in the world, the Olympics.

Women’s Eagles Sevens | Residency Program at Olympic Training Center
Bui Baravilala
Meya Bizer
Megan Bonny
Ryan Carlyle
Lauren Doyle
Lilly Durbin
Cheta Emba
Joanne Fa’avesi
Carmen Farmer
Victoria Folayan
Kelly Griffin
Nicole Heavirland
Jessica Javelet
Kathryn Johnson
Alev Kelter
Hannah Lopez
Jane Paar
Jillion Potter
Richelle Stephens
Kristen Thomas

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