2017 Women's Rugby World CupThe last tournament day of pool play is here! The first two event days were jam packed and today should be no less at the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup!

Our team again has work obligations (lame)  but we have our reporter is on site and they will be reporting on England vs USA, Australia vs Japan and France vs Ireland.

The rest of the matches we will be updating as we can on Twitter.

England vs USA – 8:30am CST

8:30AM: Anthems are done and USA and Spain are ready!

England roster

USA roster

8:31AM: USA kicks off to ENG to get the match started. ENG kicks for territory and USA recovers.

8:32AM: The teams are feeling each other out right now, ENG isn’t afraid to kick to USA’s speedy back triangle.

8:33AM: 2nd penalty against USA, first was side entry and now offsides. Scarratt will take a swing at the first points of the match.

8:34AM: She’s missed it! That was almost straight on!

8:38AM: LO by USA but stolen by ENG and they are off. USA is scrambling on their 5m.

8:39AM: USA weathers the storm and a KO by ENG puts a scrum to USA inside their 5m.

8:40AM: ENG can scrum and they bowl over to steal it against the head. PK against USA and ENG will take a LO.

8:41AM: ENG bring it down for a maul and USA stop it but then collapse it. A tiny kick through by McLean and they are checking for a try by Scarratt.

8:42AM: A difficult call for the TMO but multiple angles does make it seem like she got it down. TRY is awarded. ENG 5 USA 0.

8:43AM: Good call by Joy Neville, ENG had the poach but the tackler didn’t roll quick enough.

8:44AM: USA LO but ENG steals. They maul.

8:45AM: USA with another LO, messy off the top and ENG steals. Critical errors that you can’t make against the defending champions…

8:45AM: McLean with a HUGE kick and USA bobbles it into touch. Another big mistake…

8:47AM: Nice maul by ENG, 5m and now 10m. Penalty TRY for USA bringing down the mail. ENG 14 USA 0.

8:48AM: Neville yellow cards Katy Augustyn for pulling down the maul. 

8:50AM: Frustration mounting for USA backs, Kelter wants that ball so bad and is penalized.

8:52AM: USA is bleeding heavily at this point, ENG marches over for a third try. ENG 21 USA 0.

8:54AM: ENG is running riot all over this USA squad. They are also dominating the set piece and USA is scrambling to get any possession.

8:57AM: A little structure from USA but they are penalized for ball carrier not releasing. ENG defense very well organized and limiting USA attack.

8:58AM: Packer is over for her second try. ENG has a bonus point with only 25 minutes gone. ENG 26 USA 0.

9:00AM: Augustyn is back for USA and they are back at full strength.

9:02AM: USA kicks off and gets the ball back on the challenge. They put a little kick down and ENG has a LO inside their 22m.

9:03AM: USA scrum holds off the ENG defense and they are inside ENG’s 5m for the first time.

9:04AM: ENG steals and McLean clears. USA’s Tapper takes it on the fly and USA is on the run again.

9:05AM: Thomas powers over but ENG surrounds her and holds it up. Attacking scrum to USA.

9:06AM: USA survives another pressuring scrum and Zackary makes up for that yellow card with a TRY! ENG 28 USA 7.

9:010AM: Interesting choice…penalty to USA and Emba kicks it straight to ENG?

9:12AM: A nice attack by ENG here and McLean slips a seam in the middle. ENG 33 USA 7.

9:13AM: HT. ENG 33 USA 7.

9:44AM: Internet issues over here…we apologize. ENG 47 USA 12.

9:49AM: USA’s Tapper streaks across the line and we’re seeing some spirit from the USA! ENG 47 USA 19.

9:53AM: A kick over the top by USA goes in-goal and ENG takes the scrum up. About 14 mins left.

9:54AM: A clearing kick by ENG is charged down by the USA. Penalty against ENG and Neville is going to have a chat.

9:55AM: Just a chat about offsides. USA opts for a scrum.

9:56AM: Stagnant scrum and it collapses. Reset. 

9:57AM: USA scoops up the ball at the back of the scum and the 7s specialists go to work.

9:58AM: Now the forwards are on the march, ENG defense looking strong.

9:59AM: USA attack stifled by a knock-on. ENG scrum inside their 5m.

10:00AM: ENG takes a few punches up after the scrum but then clears. Tapper catches it on the fly.

10:01AM: A bit of messy play here by both sides. Fatigue starting to set in with 6 minutes to go.

10:02AM: Nice kick by Rozier and ENG has the ball inside their 22m.

10:04AM: This is better from USA, more phase play and a bit of urgency. A bonus point perhaps is the goal?

10:08AM: Big individual effort by Thomas to get a TRY for USA. ENG 37 USA 24.

10:09AM: FT. ENG 47 USA 26 – Slick start by ENG but USA clawed their way back in the second to score 26 and a bonus point.

Australia vs Japan – 11:00am CST

Australia roster

JPan roster

11:00AM: Anthems are done and JPN has kicked off to AUS.

11:01AM: Powerful scrum from JPN as we get to see their first couple of phases.

11:02AM: Gorgeous outside line by JPN inside center but the support wasn’t there. Penalty to AUS for holding on.

11:06AM: Both teams still feeling each other out, lots of knock-ons right now. Scrum to JPN.

11:10AM: AUS line out and they bring it down for a maul. This is better from AUS now…

11:11AM: ADV to AUS for a knock-on, no advantage came. AUS scrum on JPN’s 5m line.

11:12AM: Nice hard line by AUS’s Riordan but lost forward and JPN clears.

11:14AM: AUS just can’t keep possession, JPN is relentless on defense.

11:15AM: JPN doesn’t have a big boot to clear and that may be an issue. AUS line out just outside the 22m.

11:16AM: AUS is trying to use some of their size, forwards pounding the ball down the grass.

11:17AM: JPN defense finally breaks and Treherne from fullback races to the corner for the first TRY of the match. AUS 5 JPN 0.

11:20AM: Teams trading penalties at the tackle. Support lacking on both sides and leading to lost of poaching.

11:22AM: Big break from Marsters of AUS but she knocks it on and can’t score. Big defense by JPN corner flagger.

11:26AM: Still 5-0 to AUS. Most of play is happening between the 40s.

11:29AM: Referee has a chat with JPN about discipline.

11:30AM: A well worked try by AUS with their forwards and then Hamilton uses the space around the outside for a TRY. AUS 10 JPN 0.

11:34AM: JPN marching down the pitch now and building some very nice phases. ADV for AUS offsides.

11:35AM: Best passage of play so far for JPN, they opt for a scrum.

11:36AM: JPN scrum is clinical but HUGE tackle from AUS’s Williams and they steal.

11:37AM: JPN briefly stole it back but then a knock-on literally falls into Murphy’s hands and she sprints for the finish. AUS 19 JPN 0.

11:40AM: JPN working inside AUS 22m and AUS steals but clears to the middle of the pitch.

11:42AM: Dangerous tackle by AUS and they discuss options with referee. New laws allow for line out if it clears into touch.

11:43AM: JPN instead opts for the scrum, good choice.

11:44AM: Scrum collapses but JPN gets the ball out. Skip pass out to the winger but AUS is there.

11:45AM: JPN desperate for points, this is their third attempt…

11:46AM 5 mins into extra time as JPN keeps it close with their forwards, pick and go…pick and go…

1147AM: 23 phases and JPN is over! 6 minutes of extra time…amazing! AUS 19 JPN 5.

11:48AM: HT. AUS 19 JPN 5 – JPN went 23 phases for a VERY hard worked TRY at the half.

11:58AM: Second half underway, AUS has all the numbers but an errant pass is over the head of Marsters. LO to JPN.

12:00PM: AUS game plan for the second half is clear, attack the edges.

12:05PM: AUS with a penalty in front of the 5m but JPN defense pushes them back.

12:06PM: AUS rushes forward but knocks it on in the attempt to score.

12:08PM: AUS had advantage but called over and JPN steals seconds later. JPN with a big kick to gain some territory.

12:10PM: Big defense by JPN and they cause the turnover. Kurogi picks it up and races it across the line. Crucial CON is missed. AUS 19 JPN 10.

12:12PM: Off the kick off, JPN puts a huge kick over the top. AUS gathers and clears, LO to JPN inside of AUS half.

12:13PM: What a stat from the commentators, AUS hasn’t won a 15s match since 2014. A bit misleading as they don’t play many test matches but still…

12:14PM: Dangerous tackle by AUS, surprised that TMO didn’t want another look as there didn’t seem to be any defenders in pursuit.

12:15pm: Messy ruck and JPN gets a scrum. Good attacking position for them.

12:16PM: JPN 8man takes it weak and JPN forwards go back to the pick and go…

12:17PM: The backs have joined and JPN is standing toe to toe with the AUS defense.

12:18PM: JPN is over again and referee wants to confirm with the TMO.

12:19PM: AUS defense was measured and disciplined but the ball touches the paint. TRY! AUS 19 JPN 15.

12:20PM: About 20 mins to go and anything could happen here. Will JPN get their first win or will AUS? Injury so time is off.

12:22PM: Long ADV from referee for a dangerous tackle, AUS has a penalty inside JPN’s 22m. About 18 mins left.

12:27PM: A break by Sharni Williams and Marsters is able to muscle it over the line. AUS 24 JPN 15.

12:34PM: A team attack from AUS ends with Therene sliding in on the corner for a TRY. AUS 29 JPN 15.

12:41PM: JPN still being pretty methodical but we rarely seem panic from this side. 3 mins left. AUS 29 JPN 15.

12:44PM: FT. AUS 29 JPN 15 – Credit to both sides, a gutsy and tough match.

France vs Ireland – 1:45PM CST

France roster

Ireland roster

1:44PM: Anthems are done and you can feel the tension in the crowd. A big game just became bigger!

1:45PM: FRA kicks off to IRE and it’s taken well. Lovely to see Brian O’Driscoll in the crowd!

1:46PM: A huge break by FRA but a flooding IRE players cause a knock-on. Scrum to FRA outside of IRE’s 22m.

1:47PM: Graham Cooper, referee isn’t happy with the scrum. Correcting both teams binds and the scrum is restarted.

1:48PM: Lindsey Peat of IRE penalized for driving up and around in the scrum. FRA will take a shot at the posts from about 31m.

1:49PM: Kick attempt is missed and IRE clears.

1:50PM: Another penalty against IRE at the ruck. FRA kicks to touch for a line out.

1:51PM: IRE is pumped up as they let Japan get on them early a few days ago. Need to settle.

1:52PM: Great throw at the line out and FRA is showing their offload prowess. Inside IRE 5m and Menager is over. FRA 7 IRE 0.

1:53PM: FRA’s Manager is on another break again and IRE have a penalty again.

1:54PM: FRA go for the line out, they bring it down and use their trustworthy maul. IRE defense holds them up, scrum.

1:56PM: Another scrum reset (unsteady). They repack and FRA look to drive it in but IRE holds strong.

1:57PM: FRA really utilizing the short ball with quick pops off the hip. They do so again with Ladagnous for a TRY! FRA 14 IRE 0.

2:00PM: Beautiful cover tackle from Jenny Murphy of IRE, FRA was almost away again!

2:01PM: But FRA swings the ball across the pitch and are up to the 22m in a blink of an eye.

2:02PM: This FRA team is looking like they are going to run IRE off the pitch before the half. Can they sustain this pace?

2:04PM: IRE fancies that their LO isn’t half bad either. They’ve driven it 25m so far! ADV for FRA pulling it down.

2:05PM: IRE kicks over the top for a free play, well gathered by FRA. Play comes back to the penalty.

2:06PM: Smart by FRA not engaging in the line out, so no maul can be formed. IRE transfers the ball forward and so scrum to FRA.

2:08PM: FRA looks deadly fast on attack but IRE is starting to put their mark on the match. Very physical at the breakdown.

2:10PM: IRE’s Murphy is a menace in this match. Has the most tackles and ferocious when carrying the ball!

2:11PM: IRE with 15 phases but IRE defense holds them back. Scrum to FRA.

2:12PM: Amedee from the fullback spot breaks through but FRA penalized for obstruction.

2:14PM: IRE’s Stapleton with a brilliant kick that bounces on the FRA 7m. 

2:16PM: FRA with another blistering tear down the pitch and Ladagnous is over for her second TRY. IRE 21 IRE 0.

2:20PM: Another penalty at the scrum, FRA #1 not pushing straight. IRE has a line out on the 50m.

2:22PM: FRA defense handles the driving maul well and IRE’s Stapleton has another well placed kick to put the defense under pressure.

2:25PM: Another big break by FRA but who else…Jenny Murphy with the tackle. Bloody and still saving her team!

2:32PM: HT. FRA 21 IRE 0 – Long road for FRA to come back from but we’ve seen it before.

2:44PM: Second half underway, IRE quick on the attack, inside FRA 5 and have advantage for offsides.

2:45PM: Cooper goes back to the original penalty and there is a double whistle. 3 offside penalties in a row and Corson is YC’d.

2:46PM: Huge loss to FRA as Corson has been lighting the pitch up! IRE chooses to scrum.

2:47PM IRE heaves but FRA holds steady. Out to the backs, Murphy on the short ball. Oh, a knock-on and FRA scrums.

2:48PM: IRE turns in on the scrum and FRA gets the penalty.

2:49PM: FRA tossing the pill around and IRE will have a scrum inside the 22m.

2:52PM: FRA down a player but you wouldn’t know it as they have most of the possession so far.

2:53PM: If IRE can’t score with a player advantage…surely they can’t overcome 21 points?

2:55PM: IRE penalty after seat belt tackle. They kick for touch and gain some territory.

2:56PM: FRA in penalty trouble again, penalty for not rolling. IRE goes quickly…

2:57PM: IRE bench has come on strong, but FRA defense is swarming.

2:58PM: 6 phases but FRA has turned it over. Nice long clearing kick and IRE still without points.

3:00PM: IRE has had 70% of the possession but can’t seem to catch a break. FRA is relentless (and back to full strength)!

3:01PM: Hands in by FRA at the scrum, IRE line out on the 5m. It feels like points now or never doesn’t it?

3:03PM: Line out is strong and IRE forwards begin their pick and goes…

3:04PM: Cliodhna Moloney of IRE has come on a reserve and made an immediate impact. 15 phases and counting…

3:05PM: 22 phases and FRA has held it up. Scrum to IRE.

3:06PM: 19mins to go and IRE has had massive effort over and over with still no points. FRA 21 IRE 0.

3:08PM: Choke tackle by FRA and they turn it over. Scrum to FRA.

3:15PM: IRE returns to their bread and butter, one pass rugby but it’s clear that FRA has their number. Under 12 to go.

3:17PM: Cooper with some strong words for FRA. Too many penalties and always when they are under pressure.

3:18PM: FRA has spent most of this second half on defense and it continues to be brilliant. Beyond a few penalties it has been flawless.

3:25PM: IRE will be bitterly disappointed with this loss, all the possession but can’t get over the line. 5mins left. FRA 21 IRE 0.

3:31PM: IRE finally gets one in, TRY by Molony. FRA 21 IRE 5.

3:32PM: FT. FRA 21 IRE 5

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