USA Rugby Women’s Gold Cup Expands

USA Rugby Gold Cup - Women's RugbyIn it’s second year, the USA Rugby Women’s Gold Cup Championship is expanding to include teams from Red River. This elite competition includes NOVA and Raleigh of Mid-Atlantic, Boston and Monmouth from Atlantic North, Austin Valkyries and HARC from Red River and two teams from the Midwest. The Midwest teams will be declared at the end of the fall.

“The combination of these four Competitive Regions are very excited to offer more competition for the top D1 women’s teams.” League commissioner Margaret Dessypris Thomas commented. “We know that these teams are committed to their growth in skills and the game overall. Continuing the Gold Cup and expanding it further demonstrates that competitive levels of women’s rugby are beginning to take shape and seeking competition outside of the traditional league structures. “

The agreement between all of the teams is a two year commitment where the top two seeds from each competitive region will participate. The two year commitment is key as it ensures all teams get a complete home and away series.

The Gold Cup also determines places at the USA Rugby Eastern Regional Playoffs, except for Red River. Their seeding for regionals will follow the normal path of the Red River Rugby Conference.

The top team each from Midwest, Atlantic North, and Mid-Atlantic Championships automatically make Eastern Playoffs. The top two of the three second place teams have a chance to compete for the fourth seed vacated by having no South team, based on Gold Cup Standings that do not include Red River matches in the point calculations.


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Competitive Region




Mid-AtlanticNOVA MSAvery Rain
Mid-AtlanticRaleigh MSJuliet Taylor
Atlantic NorthBoston MSCasey O’Connell
Atlantic NorthMonmouth VPAlexandrea Rumsey
Red RiverAustin Valkyries MSWeldon
Red RiverHARC VPErin Kinney

Other contacts

Mid-AtlanticMAC ChairpersonMargy Thomas
MidwestMW Chairperson
Gary Loughbough
MidwestMW D1 coordAmanda Cross
Atlantic NorthAN ChairpersonAngela Corpus 
Atlantic NorthNERFU Women’s DI Coord.Marty Checchi
Red RiverRRRC Rep and TRU AdminWendy Young

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