2017 WPL Week 8 – Results & Videos

One team booked their ticket to the WPL semi-finals this week and the next two weeks will secure the other three seeds.

Glendale officially booked the first spot in the WPL semi-finals this week. They faced a tenacious San Diego side that brought the heat but Glendale was able to get the bonus point with a 27-18 victory.

ORSU traveled to Chicago NS this weekend and eeked out a close one, winning 17-14. They face the San Diego Surfers next week in a must win if they want to remain in the hunt for a semi-final.

“I was very happy with the progress we made from our last match against Berkeley to this one against North Shore,” ORSU coach Beckett Royce praised. “Our discipline while defending was much improved and we were able to create more opportunities on attack. We also showed good resolve and maturity at the end of the match to hold on to the lead and close out the game.”

Beantown continues to climb in the red conference as they defeated the DC Furies 32-5. Beantown will face the Twin Cities Amazons next week and that match may seal their fate with the semi-finals.

New York also continued their winning ways as they defeated the Atlanta Harlequins 36-12.

“Atlanta gave us a tough game and made us work really hard for 80 minutes,” New York coach James English summarized. “We had some solid moments but lacked some consistency. I think we frustrated ourselves at times trying to force the game instead of being patient.”

Chicago NS 14 ORSU 17

Glendale Merlins 27 San Diego Surfers 18

Beantown 32 DC Furies 5

New York 36 Atlanta Harlequins 12

For all scores and results from the 2017 WPL go here: https://scrumhalfconnection.com/2017/08/21/2017-womens-premier-league-schedules-results/.

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