Penn State Rugby to Tour Ireland with Irish Rugby Tours (Again!)

Penn State travels internationally for spring break every year and our goal in traveling is generally threefold, though specific goals vary from year to year based on the needs of the team. 

  • Tours provide an excellent environment for the team to grow together and bond through unique shared experiences, insuring that we come back from spring break more unified then ever. 
  • Being from the north, touring provides us a great opportunity to play outside and against tough physical competition played in a style and refereed differently then anything we see in the U.S. 
  • Players get the unique exposure to history, culture, values and respect the sport has in other parts of the world and illustrates the great number of opportunities and friendships rugby can facilitate.

Specifically we are going to Ireland in 2018 because we haven’t been there in about four years.  We tend to rotate between, Ireland, Wales/England, North or South of France/Spain and Italy and so it just seemed like it was time to head back to Ireland.

Head Coach Kate Daley comments “when I first started coaching at Penn State we went to the South of France with Irish Rugby tours and the accommodations and tour was unbelievable.  The next two years, in an effort to make the trip more affordable I planned our spring breaks independently…and while I learned a lot about planning and international tours, I mostly learned that nothing beats working with people who have connections and people on the ground in that country.”

In our experience Irish Rugby Tours always over delivers and their sole goal is to insure everyone traveling has an amazing experience.  I am really looking forward to our spring break this year and am confident it will be the platform we need going into our spring season.


Irish Rugby Tours is a Specialist Rugby Tour Operator and has been at the fore of organizing incoming rugby tours to Ireland for the past 20 years, combining Rugby, Culture, and Travel to provide some of the best life experiences ever. With unrivaled expertise in facilitating tours we have brought more than 1,600 teams to Ireland and abroad, arranging customized sports tours for clubs, colleges, and school teams from around the world. Irish Rugby Tours is made up of some of the finest rugby coaches in Europe, and also some of the most innovative people in the market that have travelled across the globe on rugby and sports tours.

Our rugby-mad staff have a long-standing relationship with USA Rugby and its member clubs from the youth ranks through to senior clubs. We are the leading tour operator of rugby teams out of the USA and would like to continue our tradition of furthering the growth of the game in the United States.

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