Elegance: A Women’s Rugby Story

Elegance is a feature length documentary exploring the world of American women’s rugby. Following players at different levels of the game, the women balance practice, work, training, and home life while facing challenges on and off the field. These resilient female athletes fight for their dreams through various injuries despite constantly being told girls shouldn’t play contact sports. New players struggle to find a path to the elite level of this relatively unknown game. A veteran who has given the last decade of her life to rugby face retirement. A young athlete wrestles with sudden injury. This is a story of camaraderie, endurance, and passion. Each story is a journey and each journey is the story of women’s rugby.

3 thoughts on “Elegance: A Women’s Rugby Story”

  1. It is awesome that there will soon be a documentary about women’s rugby. Absolutely amazing. The only pushback I have is that it is advertised as following “players at different levels of the game.” I believe that to be an inaccurate description. Perhaps they meant to say “players at different places in their career” because different levels of the game would mean you were following women at DII or DIII programs or high school. You have all Eagles/former Eagles and WPL players there.


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