Reasons to get involved in rugby league betting

It might not be the first sport that springs to mind when you consider putting a bet on but there’s loads of worthwhile factors that make wagering on rugby league so enjoyable. Even some fans of rugby league aren’t entirely aware of how much betting is on offer throughout the sport, and it’s definitely a missed opportunity, as even the inexperienced punter would benefit from learning more on the subject.

Even though there aren’t too many places that put a spotlight over rugby league betting, sites like TeamFA take time out to do exactly that through their own rugby league tips, which are posted out to their followers every time a major match or tournament is taking place. They also write up insightful previews in order to help you out with picking your own bets.

Key factors that make rugby league betting special from the rest include:

Betting Markets

Any regular tipster will be aware of the vast number of markets made available for betting on football and horse racing but newcomers to betting on rugby league will be met by a mere handful of selections to choose from. This can be instantly off-putting as there’s fewer opportunities to pick the perfect bet you want to back. One positive to this is that in working out how these markets work, you can become decisive in tipping reliable rugby league bets.

The key markets that show up on almost every bookie website are the options to back the final result (Win, Draw or Win), as well as Handicap markets, which sometimes even appear at the top of the page. A third option will tend to be involving the margins in which you can back either side to win by, which is mostly down to the fact that rugby matches usually see one side winning by something of a landslide.

Easy to Use

With only a few markets to choose from, betting on rugby league is extremely easy to do. Most betting sites will list rugby league and rugby union separately so it’s easier to find for fans of both variations on the sport.

Each match usually starting with three basic options then makes choosing what you want to bet on even more straight-forward, with it being a welcome break from the overwhelming depth of markets in mainstream betting sports.

Statistics Markets

Betting on statistics has risen in popularity for football punters and it’s now doing the same for betting on rugby league. These markets include the usual ‘First Tryscorer’ or ‘Anytime Tryscorer’ selections which often appear when the squads are officially announced but many bookmakers now offer a ‘Stats’ menu where you can get behind practically any specific event within the game.

Alternative stats markets include more specific winning margins for each side, race to ten points between each side, and yes or no selections over whether there’ll be extra-time, whether either team will win both halves, and if the first team that scores will go on to win the game.

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