WANTED: Virginia Military Institute Women’s Rugby Coach

The VMI Women’s Rugby Team in Lexington, VA is looking for a Head Coach after the current coach had to move.

  • Senior military college located in Lexington, VA.
  • VMI club coaches receive a stipend, mileage and gas is paid for to and from games.
  • 15’s season begins again this fall with practice on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and games on the weekends (dependent on out military training schedule).

If anyone is interested or would like more information they can email Maddy Moger at mogermr20@mail.vmi.edu and she can answer any questions or put them in touch with the cadet life director who handles all club sports hiring.

When Maddy got to VMI freshmen year, the women’s rugby team was virtually non-existent. It had lost dedication and administrative support and was allowed to die off. As an alum of high school Virginia rugby and an avid player, she made it her goal to revive the team so that other VMI women could enjoy the sport as well.

Over the past three years they have grown the team to over twenty committed and enthusiastic players with many underclassmen taking on team leadership positions. The women have competed in both 7’s and 15’s tournaments with other VA schools, winning the Todd Miller Tournament Spring 2018.

There are not a ton of opportunities for women at VMI to participate in sports because we make up a whopping 12 percent of the student body. Despite being the minority, women at VMI are enthusiastic and dedicated and their women’s rugby team has become a popular way for female cadets to find community and demonstrate their grit.

The team needs a women’s coach able to travel and help to continue the program so that many more generations of VMI women can enjoy it. Thank you for reading and continue to grow the game!

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