2020 WRCRA Conference – January 17-19 @ Atlanta, GA

The Women’s Rugby Coaches and Referees Association (WRCRA) is hosting their second annual conference January 17-19 in Atlanta, GA. 

Women’s Rugby has been built by generations of women who are unapologetic about who they are and the ways diverse identities contribute to positive team cultures. The 2020 WRCRA Conference will explore this connection between personal identity, team culture and winning. We will provide participants with rich conversation, inspiring presenters and actionable ideas to support the growth of girls and women’s rugby.

Wendy Young at 2018 WRCRA Conference
Wendy asking a question during the 2018 Conference QA about how journalists can help support the efforts of the WRCRA.

I (Wendy) attended the event last year and it was absolutely fantastic. I thought the panels were so incredible, filled with strong women that had valid viewpoints. We made plans for the future of women’s rugby and everyone in the room was included. 

The networking events were plentiful and it was so nice to catch up with old friends and make new acquaintances. Sadly I can’t make it this year but I plan to make this an annual event on my calendar for years to come!

We urge you register today and support this women in rugby conference, a one-of-a kind experience. Also consider joining the WRCRA to become a formal member of the organization.

2020 Speakers

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