2019 Year in Review

Our 2019 year in review includes our top women’s rugby posts from this website (direct traffic) and Instagram (referral traffic). We started our insta in early 2018 and it didn’t take long to gather a following so we thought it was fitting that we highlight that channel.

The top website posts that received visitors include our annual USA College and Club standings, our coverage of the 2019 Six Nations, Mere Baker joining ARPTC, USA Rugby College Scholarships and one that always stays in our top posts is an article from January 2012 highlighting CJ Hildreth and Todd Clever on their selection as International Athletes.

On insta it was a different story and we find that pretty interesting. The top posts start with the Six Nations and ended with the Baa Baas trick play. We realize that the Baa Baas match was in late November but it’s received the most likes even over all our current December posts!

In between the Six Nations and the Baa Baas match against Wales, World Rugby released the ‘Women in Rugby Global Marketing Campaign”, South Africa appointed their first female coach of a national team, Australia struggled at Biarritz 7s, the feature on the origination of Japanese women’s rugby goes viral, Portia Woodman returns after a year long absence, Harvard takes NIRA title, and the Baa Baas trick play confuses the internet.

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