Under the Posts – Mar 30-Apr 5

Under the Posts – Mar 30-Apr 5 brings back our weekly women’s rugby video and we feature two rugby unions who are making tough choices…

In XVs news, Tyrrells Premier has declared the season null and void…which is lame, while Super W declared the Waratah the overall winners, their third Championship. 

7s news covers four athletes that were primed for the Olympics who are now weighing the changes to 2021 and we also look at articles on South Africa’s Maha Zaoui and Canada’s Charity Williams.

Lots of miscellaneous news including players that are on the frontlines of COVID-19, articles around how players are coping with training at home and of course all the podcasts from the week.

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Video of the Week

RELIVE: USA vs Canada 5th/6th Place Final – 2010 Women’s Rugby World Cup in England.

We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to upload our treasure trove of women’s rugby videos from 2006-2013 to our Youtube Channel. We’ve finally finished and this match is one of our most popular so we thought we’d share it this week.

We’ll be sharing a new video each week, hit us up on social media if you’d like yours posted.


Rugby Australia has announced that they are standing down 75% of their workforce go due to COVID-19 strains. Those that remain active have received significantly reduced salaries or hours. 

Of course Australia isn’t alone and as we all contemplate if rugby will return in 2020 (we certainly hope so!) tough choices are having to be made everywhere. 

Speaking of tough choices…or perhaps the writing on the wall, USA Rugby has filed for bankruptcy. It’s been well published that USA Rugby was cash strapped and was working on a reorganization from the top down before COVID-19. 

Staff has been reduced amidst the bankruptcy and rugby in the US appears to be on a precipice. Once we can return to the sport we love, what does that mean for the USA? Only time will tell..

USA’s Women’s Premier League isn’t slated to start until the fall of 2020 but the league organizers are already making plans if rugby doesn’t return in time. https://twitter.com/yscrugby/status/1246210894108995585 Australia has determined that since the Waratahs are undefeated in four rounds that they are the 2020 Super W Champions.
“It is mixed emotions for us, obviously I’m happy for the players and staff after all the effort they put in but disappointed we didn’t get a chance to play in the grand final and put on a show for our home fans.

England has determined their final leagues standings for the Tyrrells Premier and the community game:

Particularly disappointing is that Tyrrells Premier declared their season null and void. Lame.





The postponement of the 2020 Olympics continues to have a ripple effect on players. We feature four more stories this week.



Maha Zaoui was appointed Women’s Rugby Manager at Rugby Africa earlier this year. Leading up to this new role she had received one of the 2018 World Rugby Women’s Executive Leadership Scholarships. 

“Thanks to this scholarship, I decided to get into the MEMOS programme, which is an Executive Masters of Sport Organisations [Management], run by the International Olympic Committee. It includes management in human resources, finances, strategy, governance, sponsorship.

“The programme lasted for one year and at the end I had to prepare a Masters thesis. The topic was women’s rugby in Africa with a strategy of development between 2019 and 2025.”

Foundations had been laid. “Then, I proposed to Rugby Africa a project to develop women’s rugby all around the continent both on and off the field, including administration, leadership, training, education … All of this helped me to be the successful applicant.”


The Scrum has pushed out another fantastic feature, this time on Charity Williams of Canada. Williams had always wanted to be an Olympian and she though that dream would happen with gymnastics. 

When it became clear that it wouldn’t be through gymnastics, she tried her hand at rugby. 

Misc News

COVID-19 Heroes



So many stories of rugby players working on the front lines…this week we’re highlighting Simi Hannah, Elisha Whelan, Natalie Correa and Claire McLaughlin. We know there are more stories out there, please share with us on social media!


South Africa’s Nolusindiso Booi’s life has changed drastically due to COVID-19. She and her teammates have been placed on a home training regime, but SA has just issued a moratorium on outdoor exercise. So she turns to her medicine ball and rehabilitation exercises as she overcomes a serious foot injury.


Netherland’s Inge Visser has been in Australia the last few years playing in the Super W competition and coaching the UNE Rugby Lions. She has also setup several academies in New South Wales and was also recently selected for the Women’s Sport Leadership Academy. 


Vahbiz Bharucha of India shares how she is dealing with training during the pandemic and reveals that she is obsessively watching rugby. 



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