Under the Posts – Apr 19-26

Under the Posts – April 19-26 starts with a video from the 2011 USA Rugby U23 All Star Tournament. The Championships match included Midwest and the USA U20s. These two teams gutted it out for a fantastic 80 minute match that is worth rewatching.

In XVs news, we’re featuring Emma Wassell, Vicky Fleetwood, Clea Fawcett and Charmaine Smith. All rugby players dealing with the pandemic as best they can.

7s news includes a spotlight on what the postponement of the 2020 Olympics means for athletes. In particular for Australia is may mean going back to decentralized training. 

Our misc news section covers Nancy Wake, the war heroine who motivated the Black Ferns to success at the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup. We also take a look at Raelene Castle who has resigned as CEO of Rugby Australia. 

Lots of media (podcasts) this week and a good group of #RugbyJobs.

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Video of the Week

The 2011 U23 USA Rugby All Stars Championship was one for the history books. Midwest was always a powerhouse but they met their match in the USA U20s team that year.


Emma Wassell speaks with The Scotmans about coping with a teammate who contracted Coronavirus, how the Six Nations ended and how she continues training during the pandemic. 


Scrum Queens spoke with England’s Vicky Fleetwood about her lockdown workouts and training while away from her teammates and program.

Clea Fawcett of the Bristol Bears is has only been a doctor for eigth months and is on the frontlines of the pandemic. 

Clea is one of four Bristol Bears Women players who are NHS workers alongside; Simi Pam, Alice Middleton and Phoebe Beer. 

Black Ferns lock Charmaine Smith is a police officer and is adjusting to working during the pandemic and training too. 



The delay of the Olympics is having a major ripple effect and Rugby Australia isn’t alone in having to make adjustments. Administrative and player salaries are being slashed and contracts that were built around the 2020 Olympics will run out soon.

Australia is floating the idea of a decentralized program where players train in their region and come together as a squad ahead of tournaments. 

Aussie women’s Sevens coach John Manenti says decentralisation would be a “massive step backwards” for the program but if financial pressures force a change, his team will be ready to adapt.

Misc News

David Blyth’s documentary reveals the inspiration behind the Black Fern 2017 Rugby World Cup success. Nancy Wake, Wellington-born war heroine, motivated them during their successful campaign in Ireland.

This is severely depressing…She was the most senior woman in our sport and was reportedly pushed out by bullying. Would signed statements from Wallaby captains have pushed out a male CEO? We think not.

New Zealand chief executive Rachel Froggatt claims the criticism Castle endured stretched far beyond simply her performance in the role.

“I think what we’ve seen with Raelene is she’s held to a far higher standard than you would find with a male chief executive in the same situation…”

“Not only has she been judged on her professional performance and the way in which she’s managed significant issues… but everything about her as an individual seems to have been up for comment, from the way she wears her hair, what clothing she wears, what she looks like, how she stands, how she communicates in meetings.

“It’s that level of scrutiny that has been quite shocking to watch and that’s the question I have to ask – why are female leaders looked at so differently than male leaders in the same situation?”


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