Under the Posts – May 11-17

Under the Posts – May 11-17 starts with a women’s rugby transformation video from almost every rugby club in the Texas Rugby Union (TRU). We’re loving this partnership between all the clubs in the area.

Our featured news section includes more details on the USA Rugby reorganization as well as a rebranding of NSCRO to the National Collegiate Rugby. 

In XVs news we take a look at rising women’s rugby in Sarawak, Malyasia, Red’s super mom Hilisha Samoa, England’s Amy Cokayne, and New Zealand is under pressure from former and current women’s rugby players over their lack of communication around competitions.

The miscellaneous news section looks at Angela Ruggeiero who is the lone woman on the World Rugby Executive Committee, World Rugby talks with the winning Women’s Rugby World Cup captains and we had to break our media section into two columns because there was so much this week!

Last but not least, two are on tap. 

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Video of the Week

This week we’re sharing a cool video from the Dallas Athletic Rugby Club (DARC). There have been many rugby transformation videos but this one includes representation from almost every women’s rugby in the Texas Rugby Union (TRU). 

We love seeing this partnership between the teams!


USA Rugby recently ratified a set of amended bylaws as they continue to work through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The amended bylaws dissolve Congress and replaces it with National Councils. The Councils will represent each sector of the game; Youth & High School, Collegiate, Senior Club and International Athlete.

The USA Rugby Board will be reseated and will be made up of 11 members:

  • Four (4) Independent Members
  • Four (4) International Athlete Representatives
  • One (1) Youth & High School Representative
  • One (1) Collegiate Representative
  • One (1) Senior Club Representative

We for one applaud this effort to reorganize USA Rugby. They’ve operated without any real oversight (Congress tried but was blocked at every turn) and used community CIPP dues to fund the National Teams. They robbed Peter to pay Paul for many years and the community game has greatly  suffered as a result. We only hope that the formation of the new Councils will really find QUALIFIED and passionate individuals or we’ll be right back in the same boat.

In other news that is related to the USA Rugby reorganization, NSCRO is changing to NCR (National Collegiate Rugby). Since 2007, this organization has serviced over 350 small college rugby teams and they continue to grow as teams look for an organization that will support them. 


Rugby is rising in Sarawak, Malaysia through the efforts of current players and a newly appointed Rugby Development Officer (RDO), Sylvia Alexander Lian. Lian began introducing the sport in local schools as well as holding “Get into Rugby” sessions across Sarawak under the banner of “Empowering Women through Sport”.

Australia’s Hilisha Samoa has returned to the Reds after taking some time off after the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup. She speaks with RA about going to her mother’s trainings and now she does the same with her family.

England’s Amy Cokayne opens up about her roots in football and the transition to rugby once her family moved to New Zealand. Years later she was selected for a Black Ferns camp but had to make a decision around which country’s jersey she would go for. 

“I got selected to go to a Black Ferns camp and my school rugby coach at the time, Rob Jones, went to me ‘I know you’re English, would you rather play for New Zealand or England?’ and I said England.  “

She moved back to England in 2014 and was quickly called up for an England U20 camp. The rest is history…

England’s Rugby Union is projecting up to a £50 million loss by the start of the 2021-22 season. Although the RFU says it could not give absolute guarantees on funding, it is understood finances are being set aside for the 28 England women’s players on full-time contracts, as well as those on part-time deals. 

It is also understood that the RFU’s funding for Premier 15s clubs will be untouched. All 10 clubs had received £80,000 per year towards coaching, medical and strength and conditioning costs.

Ireland’s rugby players were set to return to training last week but that was pushed out once rugby was listed as part of stage 5 of the government’s roadmap for easing the government’s restrictions on public gatherings.

This tentatively means the sport will only be allowed with social distancing after August 10. Ireland’s players have been told to expect more communication in early June.

With the Women’s Rugby World Cup due to be played in the country next year, some former and current players have raised concerns about the lack of conversations being held about the women’s game. 

Every week we see news about the return of Super Rugby while organizers are mostly silent about the Farah Palmer Cup. 

Misc News

Former International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Angela Ruggiero has promised to live up to the responsibility of being the only woman on the World Rugby Executive Committee.

“Promise to do my part as the only woman on [the] World Rugby Executive Board [sic],” Ruggiero, a former IOC Executive Board member, said while retweeting the article – entitled “Women are needed more than ever on top sporting bodies – having just one on World Rugby’s executive is an insult”.

World Rugby talks with the first female captains to lift the Rugby World Cup trophy as well as the five that followed. 

  • Barb Bond, USA 1991
  • Karen Almond, England 1994
  • Farah Palmer, New Zealand 1998
  • Farah Palmer, New Zealand 2002
  • Farah Palmer, New Zealand 2006
  • Melissa Ruscoe, New Zealand 2010
  • Katey Daley-McLean, England 2014
  • Fiao’o Faamausili, New Zealand 2017


Media Continued

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