Under the Posts – Jun 22-28

Under the Posts – June 22-28 includes articles from Maggie Alphonsi, Charity Williams, the Farah Palmer Cup, Glendale touts their partnership (backroom deal) with USA Rugby and we’ve got plenty of media for you this week!

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This week we’re looking at two articles featuring England’s Maggie Alphonsi and Canada’s Charity Williams. Alphonis is fighting for diversity on the RFU Council and has declared that she wants to become the President of the RFU. Williams has been speaking at rallies and continues to be on the front lines of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Women’s Rugby News

New Zealand’s Farah Palmer Cup starts in August and they will be the first women’s competition in the world to return to play. They are further boosted by the cancellation of the HSBC 7s (which is a bummer) because their contracted players can participate. If the 2021 WRWC happens, NZ is surely on the front foot of all the nations.

We also continue to cover the story of Glendale cutting their women’s programs. We’re hearing that Glendale has offered the women’s teams use of their facilities at a reduced rate. Cool, cool but that doesn’t dismiss your continued lack of diversity and equity issues. There also seems to be little to no remorse on their end (it’s just business (sarcasm)) but rather they push forward with promoting their partnership with USA Rugby. 


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More and more rugby athletes are speaking out against social injustices and specifically for the Black Lives Matter movement. This week we’re looking at an article from Maggie Alphonsi, Charity Williams and WRCRA provides voting resources for our USA followers.

In particular, Alphonsi is on the RFU’s Council as the only black person and one of the few women.

“Preferring to influence from the inside, rather than simply point out problems, Alphonsi is however not shy of pointing out the Council’s glaring weaknesses when it comes to diversity. “

Not far off from that, she has stated in various articles this week that she wants to be President of the RFU. We’re loving this!

Women's Rugby News



Scrum Queens talks with New Zealand’s Head of Women’s Rugby Cate Sexton the return of club rugby and the Farah Palmer Cup in August. New Zealand will be the first to have women’s rugby return as other nations continue to face down the pandemic. 

Another boost for NZ is that the majority of their National contracted players stars are looking to be selected within Farah Palmer squads. 

“The benefits are two-fold, because firstly they will be contributing to the growth of women’s rugby in our country. And secondly, 2021 is a big year with Olympics and World Cup so we want the women’s game to be successful in both formats. Our players having the chance to hone their skills in 15s might catch the selectors’ eyes for the World Cup,” said Sweeney.

The Rugby Journal has announced their winners for the ‘Rugby Photographer of the Year’. The competition saw hundreds of photographers enter their work across six categories: Portrait, Landscape, Action, Spirit (of Rugby), Portfolio and Young Photographer.

To see the winners, visit  https://www.therugbyjournal.com/awards.

Glendale continues to be mostly silent about the changes to their program. Instead they’re continuing to deflect by talking about everything but cutting the #1 women’s rugby program in the USA. 



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