Under the Posts – Jul 6-12

Under the Posts – Jul 6-12 covers the cancellation of the 2020 WPL season, the USWRF’s History Project, Fiji’s HP Academy, Sport NZ allocates $7.3 million for facility upgrades ahead of the 2021 WRWC, Australia’s Charlotte Caslick eyes a switch to Rugby League, more player features and plenty of media.

Weekly News

We start with the sobering announcement that the 2020 Women’s Premier League (WPL) has canceled play for the year. They indicate that they are reviewing options for 2021…we have to wonder if they are considering a switch to spring play as an option? This would align them with much of the play in the USA but would be a major shift for their competition.

The U.S. Women’s Rugby Foundation (USWRF) is in the middle of a three-year project to artifact the history of women’s rugby in the US. They’re looking for materials and volunteers for the project.

Fiji has held their inaugural high performance academy with 30 athletes ahead of the 2021 Women’s Rugby World Cup. The Academy includes parity with their male counterparts and is another first for the union.

Australia’s Charlotte Caslick considers a switch to Rugby League as 7s is in flux right now. Will other players join her?

Sport New Zealand has announced they’ve put aside $7.3 million dollars to upgrade the facilities that will be used at the 2021 Women’s Rugby World Cup. Upgrades include gender-neutral facilities and multi-sport amenities.

Ireland is eyeing expanding the women’s All-Ireland League but there is uncertainty in the plan. Recent communications lack details and many clubs are left wondering if the expansion will happen and how.

Player Features

Another big week of player features as we look at 8 different articles from across the globe.


A huge week! A few podcasts and videos for your enjoyment.

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Women's Rugby News


USA’s Women’s Premier League has announced that there will be no competition in 2020 and it is postponed until 2021. Great leadership by this organization as the US is deep in the pandemic. 


The U.S. Women’s Rugby Foundation (USWRF) has embarked on a three-year project to gather, digitize and archive the artifacts and stories of women’s rugby in the United States.

If you’d like to work on this effort or provide materials, reach out using the contact info on the post.


Olympic champion Charlotte Caslick is planning to switch from rugby sevens to rugby league temporarily with the women’s sevens cancelled and the Tokyo Olympics postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Fiji has just hosted their inaugural Fiji Rugby women’s high performance academy. 30 of the best 30 best female players in the country will help the national women’s 15s team prepare for their first-ever involvement in a Rugby World Cup in New Zealand next year, but also in overcoming the gender stereotyping that has historically held back the progress of women’s sport on the island.

The women’s academy players will now be treated in exactly the same way as their male counterparts financially and also in terms of the level of coaching, medical provision and off-field support they’re able to access.

“When I came into the job, I wanted to get alignment across the programmes and one of the areas lagging a bit behind and not getting the same attention was the women’s programme,” Raiwalui said.

“Obviously, COVID-19 has put a bit of a spanner in the mix but we’re really proud to get this up and running during this tough period thanks to some great work from the staff.

“It is a huge opportunity not just for women’s rugby but women’s sport as well. Getting inclusivity across all programmes is a great achievement.”


Sport New Zealand has announced that $7.3 million has been allocated to upgrade changing room facilities at the match venues and training grounds that teams will use during the 2021 Women’s Rugby World Cup.

The upgrades will provide new, fit-for-purpose, unisex, multi-sport amenities. Gender-neutral facilities have been lacking in many venues, and these upgrades will set the new standard for New Zealand facilities. The improvements will include fully accessible changing rooms with individual shower cubicles and toilets, lockable cubicles, and partitioning between changing room and foyers outside. The changes will also include increasing the access for people with disabilities.


Much has been written about the lack of support for Ireland women’s rugby from the IRFU. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans were made to expand the All-Ireland League…and those plans still appear to be in place. But there are lingering concerns around a newly introduced “sustainable clubs health check” form attached to “evaluate a club’s current or aspirational participation in women’s rugby.”

We’re going to keep an eye on this developing situation as the pandemic continues to put pressure on almost all rugby unions.

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