Under the Posts – Oct 5-11

Under the Posts – Oct 5-11 begins with World Rugby banning transgender women, Scrum Queens looks at the state of women’s test rugby, Allianz is named the Premier 15s title sponsor, it’s Awards season, updates from the top competitions, 8 player features and 10 medias.

Video Summary

Featured Women’s Rugby News

World Rugby shocked everyone when they announced that they are adopting the updated transgender participation guidelines. This is in spite of an earlier announced vote by the Unions and outrage online. 

If you’re as pissed as we are…take action at http://www.rugbyforall.co/.

Weekly Women’s Rugby News

International News

  • Last week we announced that Spain closed their training assembly after two players had positive COVID-19 tests; now they’ve released the calendar for the rest of 2020 and through the summer of 2021
  • Scrum Queens takes us through the state of the game and where women’s test rugby stands


  • England announces a title sponsor for their top women’s competition, it is now Allianz Premier 15s. They also announced law changes to reduce in game face to face contact
  • Frances Elite 1 competition continues and the top teams are Montpellier, Stade Rennais, Blagnac and ASM Romagnat 
  • We’re one week out from the semi-finals of the Dr Farah Palmer Cup and the top four teams currently are Waikato, Auckland, Canterbury and Manawatu
  • Ireland’s Energia Women’s Community Series saw wins by Black Rock, Old Belvedere, UL Bohemians and Ballincollig


  • Coaches and team managers are being developed in the Dr Farah Palmer Cup
  • Irish Rugby Players and Rugby Players Association Awards have been announced
  • WRCRA continues their look into the USA’s women’s rugby history and they turn their focus to Vassar College

Women’s Rugby Player Features

  • USA’s Alev Kelter on how she started in rugby
  • Ireland’s Alison Miller on why a U20 team was started
  • Telegraph looks at the pressure on new moms to “bounce back”, including Irish Ulster rugby player Mac Laimhin
  • Ireland’s Hannah Tyrrell talks about switching from 7s to XVs
  • Uganda’s Samiya Ayikoru is part of the ‘Unstoppables’ campaign
  • New Zealand’s Ruby Tui talks with the Olympic Channel
  • England features Maggie Alphonsi for Black History Month
  • Portia Woodman and teammates are tackling period poverty problem

Women’s Rugby Media/Podcasts/Videos

  • Rugby Africa proudly presents its ‘Unstoppables’ and launches the continental #TryAndStopUs campaign
  • World Rugby’s Katie Sadleir talks with Game Changers
  • The Women’s Rugby Show looks at the law changes in Allianz Premier 15s
  • England’s Danielle Waterman talks with Try Hards about her rugby journal and she chats with Laureus about mental health
  • USA’s Kristi Kirshe talks with Blood, Sweat & Beers about everything
  • Cliodhna Moloney, Fiona Steed, and Su Carty talk with RTE
  • USA’s Kate Zachary, Jennine Duncan and Gabby Cantorna talk with Eagles Overseas about playing for Exeter

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Featured News

World Rugby dropped another bomb this week as they approved the updated transgender participation guidelines. This sparked outrage on social media as supporters and dissenters aired their feelings.

Transgendered athletes have been allowed to play rugby for at least 20 years and why should it change now? Anyone talking about safety has no leg to stand on and they even admit it in their research notes “to date, no direct studies on trans women rugby players”.

Are you as pissed as we are? Take action at http://www.rugbyforall.co/.

Women's Rugby News

International News

Spain held their general assembly and afterwards shared their calendar of events for the rest of 2020 and half of 2021. Interesting to see what they believe will happen this year.

Scrum Queens chronicles the return of rugby after the longest break in women’s rugby test since 1983. As is the news these days, some of the info is already altered because of…you guessed it…the pandemic. Staying on top of everything is tough these days!


England has announced a title partner for the Premier 15s in Allianz. Play for the Allianz Premier 15s begins Saturday, October 10 and will be played over 18 rounds ending with play-offs and a title final on 8 May 2021 (venue TBC).

The second part of the announcement was that law variations were approved by World Rugby to reduce in game face-to-face contact as testing will not be implemented.

We join with a few others that have spoken out, there is a mixture of international and amateur players and the lack of testing is very concerning. Changing the laws is one thing but why can the men’s teams handle testing but not the women?

Frances Elite 1 sees Montpellier is  on top in Pool 1 with 25 points, Stade Rennais is sitting pretty in Pool 2 with 15 points, in Pool 3 Blagnac is comfortable with 20 points and in Pool 4 ASM Romagnat has 14 points. 

They continue to play despite cancellations and reschedules due to the pandemic.

Waikato continues to control the North teams in the Dr Farah Palmer Cup. They sit atop the pool and ahead of Auckland by two points.

In the South, Canterbury is also undefeated and has 5 points over Manawatu. 

There is one last weekend ahead of the semi-finals on Oct 23-25.

In the Energia Women’s Community Series Black Rock and Old Belvedere took home wins in the Leinster Conference and UL Bohemians and Ballincollig also recorded wins in the Munster Conference.

Both planned matches in the Ulster Conference were cancelled. 


The Dr Farah Palmer Cup hosts fantastic competition but is also helping to grow a contingent of female coaches and team managers.

The Irish Rugby Players Awards have been announced! 


  • Linda Djougang
  • Edel McMahon
  • Cliodhna Moloney


  • Kathy Baker
  • Louise Galvin
  • Amee-Leigh Murphy Crowe

The Rugby Players Association Awards are also out:

The Telegraph Women’s Sport England Women’s Player of the Year

  • Zoe Aldcroft
  • Poppy Cleall
  • Katy-Daley McLean

England Women’s 7s Player of the Year in association with Mappin & Webb

  • Abbie Brown
  • Megan Jones
  • Ellie Kildunne

Vodafone Gain Line Award

  • Tom Collins
  • Jodie Ounsley
  • Ethan Waller

WRCRA continues their series on Women’s Rugby History with a look at Vassar College. 

Player Features


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