Under the Posts – Nov 2-8

Under the Posts – Nov 2-8 begins with England’s Emily Scarratt receiving the inaugural Women’s Six Nations player award, France suspends most of their amateur competitions, Round 4 wrap of Allianz Premier 15s, Hong Kong competitions kick off, Rachael Burford & Simon Middleton call for more coverage of the women’s game, RAN rugby announces their ‘Unstoppables’ campaign, 7 player features and 6 media.

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Weekly Women’s Rugby News

Test News

  • England’s Emily Scarratt has been crowned the inaugural 2020 women’s Six Nations Player of the Championship, presented by Guinness
  • New Zealand hosted a Possibles vs Probables as they continue to prepare for the 2021 RWC, the Possibles took it 28-19
  • Australia has kicked off again and will have a Queensland Select match as well as more matches in the Chikarovski Cup

Competition News

  • France suspends their Elite 1 women’s competition due to the pandemic
  • Round 4 of Allianz Premier 15s sees the Harlequins and Saracens still locked at the top of the table and more streaming is announced
  • KPMG Hong Kong women’s Premiership, National League 1 & 2 will begin soon

Other News

  • England’s Rachael Burford and head coach Simon Middleton demand more exposure and respect for the women’s game
  • World Rugby releases a Nielsen report that was compiled before the pandemic
  • RAN rugby will be focusing on women that have inspired and grown the game in an upcoming ‘Unstoppables’ campaign

Women’s Rugby Player Features

  • England’s Shaunagh Brown shares what celebrating Black History Month and her activism means to her
  • New Zealand’s Cristo Tofa wants to play in the 2021 RWC and continue inspiring young people who she works with on a daily basis
  • Jamaica’s Shanae Gordon hopes to use her Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) scholarship to finish her degree and help spread awareness of women’s rugby on the Caribbean island
  • Vietnamese’s Mai is a 13-year-old rugby player whose life was transformed by her introduction to rugby through the Vietnamese ChildFund-supported program working with community clubs
  • South Africa’s Babalwa Latsha hopes that her overseas contract will open the door for her mates at home and raise the profile of the game in SA
  • Australia’s Kirby Sefo retired in 2019 and then started an organisation that uses sport to encourage women to talk about social issues called Subbed
  • New Zealand’s Joanah Ngan-Woo tells Stuff how she came to her first cap and what she’s pursuing in her professional life

Women’s Rugby Media/Podcasts/Videos

  • Scotland’s Jade Konkel reflects on being the first female player to have a full-time professional contract
  • New Zealand’s Kendra Cocksedge and Ireland’s Sene Naoupu chat with the Women’s Rugby Pod in a special Champions addition
  • England’s Abbie Ward talks with Sky Sports about the stigmas that still exist in the game
  • Go behind the scenes with England women’s rugby
  • Sam Bytheway was at the recent Bristols vs Wasps match
  • Katie Barnes talks with Outsports about the future of non-binary sports among other things

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Women's Rugby News

Test News


England’s Emily Scarratt crowned as the first Women’s Six Nations Player of the Championship, presented by Guinness. Scarratt became the highest ever Red Roses points scorer during this year’s Women’s Six Nations. She was crowned the first winner of this award after receiving the most votes from the Head Coach and Team Captain of each participating Women’s Six Nations team.

New Zealand isn’t having test matches this year (like everyone else) but they hosted a possibles vs probables match. The possibles took this one home 28-19 over the probables.


Australia cut their Super W competition short due to the pandemic. Now they’re kicking off the New South Wales’ Chikarovski Cup and a Queensland Women’s XVs Select match.

Competitions News


As we thought last week…France has suspended their Elite 1 competition due to the pandemic.

Round 4 of Allianz Premier wrapped with the Harlequins and Saracens tied in overall points. They are followed closely by Loughborough, Wasps and Bristol. New comers Exeter took home their first win as well.

Allianz also announced the upcoming matches that will be streamed. This fantastic news means that every club will have been streamed at least once by the time round 10 is complete.


The KPMG Hong Kong Women’s Premiership 2020-21 season kicked off November 7. The competition originally started with eight teams but was reduced to six this year to boost competition.

KPMG Women’s National League 1 will begin with 11 teams of which the top 6 ranked teams will split after 1 round and form the KPMG Women’s Championship league, sitting below the Premiership.

Therefore, the KPMG Women’s Domestic Leagues will begin the 2020-21 season with 3 divisions; Premiership, National League 1 & National League 2, later becoming Premiership, Championship, National League 1 & National League 2 after (the initial ranking round).

Other News


Rachael Burford writes for INews about how the women’s game is just as good as he men’s. 

There seems to be a perception that the women’s game doesn’t mean as much, or the team don’t have to work just as hard to get their result and win. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth – the commitments and sacrifices that all these women have to make to represent their respective countries are huge.


England head coach Simon Middleton is also urging other unions to support the women’s game. Specifically he is calling for a Sis Nations ‘Super Saturday’ where multiple teams going for the title on the final day.


World Rugby has released a comprehensive report from Nielsen. Note that this report was compiled through two surveys pre-pandemic.


Rugby Americas North will begin sharing stories of UNSTOPPABLE women throughout the month of November, from Canada to Bermuda, and Mexico to Curaçao. This includes three ‘Try & Stop Us Forums’ to provide opportunities for advancement across various important topics.


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