2020 Year in Review

We really want to say something nice about the year that was 2020. But there isn’t much to say so we’ll just sum it up as a crapstorm. 

At publication of this article, 1.85 million lives have been lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic and life has been forever altered. Rugby ceased around the world and while some league’s managed to restart, most had up and down seasons with postponements or cancellations.

Below, we round up our year’s biggest women’s rugby news, our top social media posts and a few interesting insights.

Happy New Year!


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Top Stories
England's Kat Merchant

Under the Posts – Women’s Rugby News for Dec 7-27

Under the Posts – Dec 7-27 covers 20 days as we took some time off to relax and recharge ourselves. OK, so let’s get caught up! We’re starting off with the revelations from  current and retired players about their battles with dementia, diminished cognitive ability and brain damage after suffering concussions while playing rugby. World

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Grace McKenzie - The Rugby Breakdown

Under the Posts – Aug 3-9

Under the Posts – Aug 3-9 spotlights the #tackletransphobia campaign, RAN Rugby began their Women’s Online Forum, the 2020 Six Nations resumes in late October, the 2021 European Qualifiers are confirmed, 5 player features and 3 media podcasts/videos. Featured Women’s Rugby News We’re fighting for our transgender sisters this week, if you haven’t heard…World Rugby

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Top 10 Must Read for all Rugby Coaches and Players

As an avid reader who is obsessed with rugby there aren’t very many books about the sport and the people who have impacted it I haven’t read. Now that I have become consumed with coaching the spectrum of my reading material has expanded to topics like; sports psychology, sports management and the study of great

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YSC Investigation Update on Crystal Cooke Blog – UPDATED

Update 8/20/20: We’ve posted an article on our findings. Updated 8/11/20 Last Wednesday YSC received an article from a reader about a player in New Jersey who had been suspended from rugby. We read the blog quickly, hardly believing it. Not because we didn’t believe Crystal Cooke’s story. But that a rugby player could be

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31 years to the day that the first official New Zealand women's rugby team took to the field

Under the Posts – Jul 20-26

Under the Posts – Jul 20-26 starts with the leaked World Rugby document on transgender rugby players, England and Canada’s return to rugby, the first official New Zealand women’s rugby match in 1985, 7 player features, 4 media interviews and 2 #RugbyJobs. Featured Women’s Rugby News A leaked World Rugby report took us all by

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City of Glendale, Colorado

RugbyTown USA, We Have a Problem

There seems to be something amiss in RugbyTown USA, AKA Glendale, Colorado. Glendale was pretty unknown to the rugby world until late 2006, “when city leaders developed a bold plan: The future of the city would be built around the sport of rugby” (About Us, Glendale Rugby). Part of the agreement of the city was

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