2022 Women’s Rugby Internationals – Schedule & Results

We’re tracking all the 2022 women’s rugby Internationals here. Check back often for updates as matches change or are added.

When we can, we will live tweet matches on Twitter.

Schedule & Results


Time (CST)

Team 1


Team 2



1/21/2022 Spain 7s – 1st LegUSA Winner  
HSBC Sevens Series
1/28/22 Spain 7s – 2nd Leg
Australia Winner
HSBC Sevens Series
2/19/20226:30 AMNetherlands0Spain69
Europe Championships
2/19/20226:30 AMKazakhstan10Colombia18
2021 Rugby World Cup Final Qualification Tournament
2/25/20229:00 AMScotland59Colombia3
2021 Rugby World Cup Final Qualification Tournament
2/26/20229:00 AMSpain27Russia0
Europe Championships
3/12/20226:00 AMSwitzerland0Sweden48
Europe Trophy Championships
3/12/20228:00 AMWales23USA Select31Exhibition
3/12/20229:00 AMRussiaCancelledNetherlands 
Europe Championships
3/26/20227:00 AMScotland5England57Six Nations
3/26/202211:45 AMIreland19Wales27Six Nations
3/26/20221:00 PMUSA Falcons44WPL Selects5Exhibition
3/27/20229:00 AMFrance39Italy6Six Nations
4/2/20228:15 AMFrance40Ireland5Six Nations
4/2/202210:45 AMWales24Scotland19Six Nations
4/3/20229:00 AMItaly0England74Six Nations
4/9/202210:45 AMEngland58Wales5Six Nations
4/10/20227:00 AMScotland8France28Six Nations
4/10/202211:00 AMIreland29Italy8Six Nations
4/22/20222:00 PMWales5France33Six Nations
4/23/20221:20 PMItaly20Scotland13Six Nations
4/23/2022 RAN 7s Qualifiers
Canada Winner
RWC & Common Wealth Games Qualifier
4/24/20226:00 AMEngland69Ireland0Six Nations
4/29/2022 Africa 7s
South Africa Winner
South Africa & Madagascar qualified for RWC 2022
South Africa qualified for Commonwealth Games
RWC & Common Wealth Games Qualifier
4/30/202211:00 AMPortugal57Germany0
Europe Trophy “B”
4/30/20226:00 AMWales7Italy8Six Nations
4/30/20228:15 AMFrance12England24
Six Nations Grand Slam
4/30/202214:00Ireland15Scotland14Six Nations
4/30/22 Langford 7s
Australia Winner
HSBC Sevens Series
5/1/22 Fiji14Japan28
RWC2021 Warmup
5/6/22 Australia Barbarians10Japan24Exhibition
5/6/22 Fiji19Australia36Exhibition
5/10/22 Australia10Japan12
RWC2021 Warmup
5/20/22 Toulouse 7s
New Zealand Winner
HSBC Sevens Series
5/28/226:00 AMFinland80Switzerland0
Europe Trophy Championships
6/5/227:15 PMCanada36USA5
Pacific Four Series
6/5/229:45 PMNew Zealand23Australia10
Pacific Four Series
6/11/227:15 PMUSA16Australia14
Pacific Four Series
6/11/229:45 PMCanada0New Zealand28
Pacific Four Series
6/15/22 South Africa108Zimbabwe0Africa Cup
6/17/228:30 PMAustralia10Canada22
Pacific Four Series
6/17/2211:00 PMNew Zealand50USA6
Pacific Four Series
6/18/22 Netherlands57Belgium5
Pacific Four Series
6/19/22 Namibia0Zimbabwe72Africa Cup
6/17/228:30 PMAustralia10Canada22
Pacific Four Series
6/23/22 South Africa128Namibia3Africa Cup
7/9/228:00 PMSamoa25Tonga17
Oceania Championship
7/9/2210:30 PMFiji152Papua New Guinea0
Oceania Championship
7/13/2212:00 PMSamoa91Papua New Guinea0
Oceania Championship
7/13/2212:00 PMFiji34Tonga7
Oceania Championship
Bucharest 7s Rugby World Cup Qualifier
Spain, England, Poland and Ireland qualified for 2022 7s Rugby World Cup  
7s Rugby World Cup Qualifier
7/17/228:00 AMTonga108
Papua New Guinea
Oceania Championship
7/17/2210:30 AMFiji31Samoa24
Oceania Championship Final
7/24/22 Canada34Italy24RWC Warmup
7/24/22 Japan15South Africa6RWC Warmup
7/29/22 Australia winner  
Commonwealth Games 2022
7/30/22 Japan10South Africa20RWC Warmup
8/12/20227:00 PMSouth Africa44Spain5Friendly
8/12/2022 World Rugby 7s Challenger SeriesJapan winner and will join 2023 HSBC 7s Series  World Rugby 7s Challenger Series
8/19/20228:00 AMSouth Africa37Spain14Friendly
8/20/20222:05 AMNew Zealand52Australia5
Laurie O’Reilly Series
8/20/20225:00 AMJapan22Ireland57RWC Warmup
8/27/20229:45 PMAustralia14New Zealand22
Laurie O’Reilly Series
8/27/202210:00 AMScotland17USA21RWC Warmup
8/27/20223:00 PMCanada31Wales3RWC Warmup
8/27/20225:00 AMJapan29Ireland10RWC Warmup
9/3/20229:00 AMEngland52USA14RWC Warmup
9/3/202211:00 AMFrance21Italy0RWC Warmup
9/9/202212:00 PMItaly26France19RWC Warmup
9/9/2022 Australia Winner  
Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022
9/12/2022 ScotlandCancelledSpain RWC Warmup
9/14/221:30 PMEngland73Wales7RWC Warmup
9/16/221:00 AMFiji32NZL Wahine Maori10RWC Warmup
9/23/221:00 AMFiji7Canada24RWC Warmup
9/24/2211:30 PMNew Zealand 95Japan 12RWC Warmup
10/8-11/12/22 2021 Rugby World Cup   2021 Rugby World Cup

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