YSC on ‘What You Should’ve Been Taught’ Podcast with Cade Hildreth

I’m excited to share that I (Wendy) was on former USA Eagle Cade Hildreth’s podcast ‘What You Should’ve Been Taught’ as a guest. Listen as we talk rugby, being LGBTQ and an entrepreneur on iTunes and Spotify!

Guest Wendy Young on Growing a Major Media Brand and Covering Women’s Rugby Globally Since 2006

I’m excited to introduce you to today’s podcast guest, Wendy Young, who is an athlete, entrepreneur, and media sensation. I’ve invited Wendy onto the podcast because she did something extraordinary, which is that she has been covering women’s rugby in the US and internationally since 2006.

As a lifelong athlete, I find her commitment to covering women’s rugby globally both inspiring and invaluable.

In this podcast, we explore the early beginnings of her brand “Your Scrumhalf Connection”, the growth trajectory of her site, and the agile and creative manner with which she approaches entrepreneurship (and life). We also explore the mindsets she used to bring media coverage, live streaming, and game summaries into the mainstream for women’s rugby.

For the past 16 years, Wendy has promoted the growth of women’s rugby globally. If you’ve ever wondered how she shifted the landscape of women’s rugby forever—and how YOU too can create new realities for yourself—then you’re going to love this podcast.



As an LGBTQ+ entrepreneur, real estate investor, former USA Rugby Player, and fitness enthusiast, Cade will teach you what your parents and teachers should have taught you, but didn’t know themselves.

To connect with Cade, visit:

*If you’d like to partner, collaborate, or invite Cade onto your podcast, email Team@CadeHildreth.com.

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