Women’s Rugby in 60 secs – May 9-15

Welcome to the top women’s rugby news in under 60 seconds for May 9-15. The next decade of Rugby World Cup hosts have been announced with England taking the reins in 2025 (women’s), Australia in 2027 (men’s) and 2029 (women’s) and USA in 2031 (men’s) and 2033 (women’s). This exciting news is only made better since we have a World Cup this year in New Zealand (women’s) and France is hosting in 2023 (men’s). Coupling all of this with the debut of a new global women’s competition WXV in 2023 and the expansion of the 2025 RWC to 16 teams, rugby’s growth is about to explode.

In domestic XVs news, the Allianz Premier and France’s Elite 1 semi-finals are set for May 22 and 28th respectively. Berkeley and New York Life West and Colorado lead the USA’s WPL and DHL Western continues to lead South Africa’s Premier Division.

We close out the week with 15 features and 4 media.

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tl;dr: Women’s Rugby in 60 secs for May 9-15 saw World Rugby announce the next 5 hosts of the Rugby World Cup. England in 2025, Australia in 2027 and 2029 and the United States in 2031 and 2033.

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Your #wrugby News in under 60 seconds for May 9-15 saw World Rugby announce the next 5 hosts of the Rugby World Cup. England in 2025, Australia in 2027 and 2029 and the United States in 2031 and 2033. Watch our video & read the entire update using the link in our bio! #womensrugby #wrugby #rugbyunion

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Featured Women’s Rugby Stories

World Rugby has announced the next 5 Rugby World Cup hosts and declared us entering the Golden Decade. New Zealand hosts the 2021 (women’s) this year, France has 2023 (men’s) and then England will host 2025 (women’s), Australia in 2027 (men’s) and 2029 (women’s) and USA in 2031 (men’s) and 2033 (women’s). 

Start saving your pennies and we can’t wait to see you across the globe!

Top Women’s Rugby Stories



  • The Allianz Premier semi-finals are set with Saracens vs Harlequins and Exeter vs Bristol taking place on May 22
    • This will be the first time the final is not Saracens vs Harlequins
  • France’s Elite 1 semi-finals will see Blagnac vs ASM Romagnat and Stade Toulouse vs Stade Bordelais on May 28
  • Berkeley and New York Life West and Colorado lead the USA’s WPL Blue and Red Conferences respectively
  • DHL Western continues to lead South Africa’s Premier Division


  • Lindenwood won the Gold Cup in the USA Rugby 7s College Championships while Davenport won the Red Cup and San Jose State University won the Blue Division

Women’s Rugby Features

  • Zimbabwe’s Precious Marange plays both cricket and rugby while holding down a full-time job, being a mother and supporting her wider family
  • Now that the line-ups are set for the Common Wealth Games, World Rugby reviewed who has won gold in the past and the sides competing to add their names to the roll call of honor in July
  • The U.S. Women’s Rugby History Museum by USWRF is traveling the country this summer
  • Japan’s historic tour in Australia is just what they needed ahead of the Rugby World Cup
  • The Madagascar women’s sevens team has achieved their historic dream of qualifying for a Rugby World Cup Sevens tournament for the first time, how did they do it?
  • The biggest debate around French women’s rugby in recent seasons has been over who should start at scrum-half between Laure Sansus and Pauline Bourdon
  • Wales and Bristol wing Jasmine Joyce is recovering after a successful surgery on an ongoing shoulder injury
  • Knoxville rugby headed to National Championships for the first time
  • Tysha Ikenasio joins Black Ferns full time
  • World Rugby Council has today voted unanimously to adopt five welfare driven global trials into full law from 1 July
    • The new laws mean that the upcoming women’s and men’s Rugby World Cups will feature the current package of global welfare-driven law trials including 50:22 and the goal line dropout
  • Rosie Galligan: ‘Living in the moment’ and helping Harlequins achieve their goals
  • WRCRA honors Robin Pace
  • France’s Olivier Reggiani is bringing together students from across the globe through the ‘Try and Stop Us for Children’ project
  • This month marks 20 years since England and New Zealand met in the women’s Rugby World Cup final for the first time
  • Rowena Davenport talks with World Rugby about being a recent World Rugby Women’s Executive Leadership Scholarship recipient and her appointment to the New Zealand Rugby board

Women’s Rugby Media

  • Watch the Beyond Ability premier on Youtube!
  • Maggie Alphonsi chats with Women’s 15s Player of the Year Zoe Aldcroft about the priceless moment was can look forward to at the 2025 Rugby World Cup in England
  • Wendy was on Cade Hildreth’s ‘What You Should’ve Been Taught’ Podcast talking all things women’s rugby
  • England’s Captain Sarah Hunter shares why a home World Cup is so special
Featured Women's Rugby News




Top Women's Rugby News









Women's Rugby Features
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  1. Colorado is not top of their conference. New York is still undefeated. ???? In fact, they completely shut out Colorado in their matchup two weeks ago.

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