Women’s Rugby News in 60 secs – Jun 20-Jul 3

Welcome to the top women’s rugby news in under 60 seconds for Jun 20-Jul 3. With the news that New Zealand is opening it’s borders later this month, World Rugby announced ticket sales for the 2021 Rugby World Cup! 

In more XVs news, South Africa defeated Namibia 128-3 in the Africa Cup, USA announced matches against England and Scotland on September 3 and August 27 respectively, and the Oceania Championships will be July 9, 13 and 17 with participation from Fiji, Papau New Guinea, Samoa and Tonga.

In domestic XVs news, the Bunnings Warehouse Farah Palmer Cup kicks off July 16, the Berkeley All Blues took home the 2022 WPL title over Beantown and England announced ambitious plans to professionalize Premier 15s within the next 10 years.

In 7s news, Poland has won the Europe Championship while Ireland took second and Scotland placed third, and the Black Ferns Ma took home the Oceania Championship while Australia Select took second and Fijiana placed third.

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tl;dr: Women’s Rugby in 60 secs for Jun 20-Jul 3 saw World Rugby open general ticket sales for the 2021 Rugby World Cup and the Berkeley All Blues took home the WPL Championship.

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With less than 100 days to go, rugby fans from all over the world can now buy their tickets to rugby’s much anticipated ‘family reunion’ at Rugby World Cup 2021 in New Zealand. 

Rugby World Cup 2021 will celebrate family, togetherness, inclusion and diversity as the world’s best players showcase their star factor on rugby’s biggest stage.  

The much-anticipated event in New Zealand from 8 October to 12 November, promises to blend world-class sport and entertainment and World Rugby and New Zealand Rugby are inviting everyone to join the celebration.  

World Rugby has also released updated World Rankings with England staying on top, New Zealand in second, France in third, Canada in fourth and USA in fifth. There are a few more matches before we head to New Zealand so there may be some movement.

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  • South Africa scored 20 tries against Namibia eventually winning 128-3 in the Africa Cup
  • USA announced matches against England and Scotland on September 3 and August 27 respectively
  • England releases tickets for their matches against USA and Wales on September 3 and 14
  • The Oceania Rugby Championship will return in 2022 and will be held over three match days July 9, 13 and 17
    • Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Tonga will face off for the title


  • The Bunnings Warehouse Farah Palmer Cup kicks off on July 16 with all matches streaming on Sky Sport NZ
  • The Berkeley All Blues took home the 2022 WPL title over Beantown 29-7 while Colorado took third defeating New York 44-10
  • USA’s U23 All Star title was won by South while Midwest took second and Pacific NW took home third
  • England has has outlined ambitious plans to professionalize Premier 15s within the next 10 years as part of a new strategy which will involve a formal “partnership” with Premiership Rugby clubs
    • £220 million will be invested into the Premier 15s over the next decade, with the aim of securing a free-to-air broadcast deal within that time frame
    • A key element of the new strategy will see the Premier 15s to become a new limited company, owned by the RFU and participating clubs, and headed up by an independent chief executive to oversee the running of the league from the 2023-24 season


  • Poland won the first leg in Lisbon of Europe Championships but Ireland took home the second leg in Krakow
    • Poland takes home the Europe Championship title while Ireland placed second and Scotland in third
    • Teams now look forward to the World Cup sevens qualifier  July 16-17 in the Arc of Triumf Stadium in Bucharest
  • Sevens will be played in the European Games for the first time in 2023 played June 21-July 2 in Krakow and the regions of Malopolska and Śląsk
  • Black Ferns Ma took home the title of Oceania 7s while Australia Select took second and Fijiana took third
    • Teams now look forward to the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games from July 29-31
      • Participating teams are England, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Fiji, Scotland, Sri Lanka and South Africa
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