2022 USA Rugby Club 7s National Championships, Aug 13-14 – Schedule & Results

The USA Rugby Club 7s National Championships is set to take place in St. Louis, MO at the Emerson Central Fields on August 13-14, 2022. The event returns to a competitive format where teams earned the opportunity to compete based on their results during all of the regional pathway series events.

All men’s and women’s teams will play three pool matches on Saturday with the top two advancing to the Cup Quarter Finals and the bottom 2 moving on to the Bowl Quarter. Winners in the QFs move on to the Cup and Bowl SFs while losers play in the Plate and Shield SFs on Sunday. 

Can’t make it to St. Louis, MO this weekend? Catch all the matches on The Rugby Network.

Women’s Pools

Pool A

Pool B

Pool C

Pool D

ScionLife West (W)WAC (W)Surfers
Chi. Lions (W)Chi. N ShoreRocky MtnBerkeley
BostonsHARCsAtlanta QuinsPhoenix (FL)
AlbuquerqueNoVaTempeDC Furies

Men’s Pools

Pool A

Pool B

Pool C

Pool D

Chicago (M)WAC (M)DenverCincinnati
DallasOld BlueNAVLife West (M)
BeltwaySchuykill RiverWestside RoninBelmont Shore
AtlantaOceansideDetroitMystic River


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Schedule & Results

PDF with Match #s



Time (CST)

Team 1


Team 2



8/13/2219:00 AMChi. Lions (W)17Boston17W Pool Play
8/13/2229:00 AMScion62Albuquerque0W Pool Play
8/13/2219:20 AMChi. N Shore19sHARCs15W Pool Play
8/13/2229:20 AMLife West (W)22NoVa12W Pool Play
8/13/2219:40 AMRocky Mtn15Atlanta Quins5W Pool Play
8/13/2229:40 AMWAC (W)34Tempe7W Pool Play
8/13/22110:00 AMBerkeley5Phoenix (FL)14W Pool Play
8/13/22210:00 AMSurfers31DC Furies0W Pool Play
8/13/22110:20 AMDallas7Beltway19M Pool Play
8/13/22210:20 AMChicago14Atlanta7M Pool Play
8/13/22110:40 AMOld Blue12Schuykill River28M Pool Play
8/13/22210:40 AMWAC14Oceanside12M Pool Play
8/13/22111:00 AMNAV26Westside Ronin0M Pool Play
8/13/22211:00 AMDenver31Detroit0M Pool Play
8/13/22111:20 AMLife West26Belmont7M Pool Play
8/13/22211:20 AMCincinnati12Mystic River7M Pool Play
8/13/22111:40 AMScion52Boston0W Pool Play
8/13/22211:40 AMChi. Lions (W)49Albuquerque0W Pool Play
8/13/22112:00 PMLife West (W)22sHARCs12W Pool Play
8/13/22212:00 PMChi. N Shore7NoVa0W Pool Play
8/13/22112:20 PMWAC (W)45Atlanta Quins0W Pool Play
8/13/22212:20 PMRocky Mtn29Tempe21W Pool Play
8/13/22112:40 PMSurfers29Phoenix (FL)0W Pool Play
8/13/22212:40 PMBerkeley14DC Furies5W Pool Play
8/13/2211:00 PMChicago17Beltway7M Pool Play
8/13/2221:00 PMDallas28Atlanta5M Pool Play
8/13/2211:20 PMWAC10Schuykill River22M Pool Play
8/13/2221:20 PMOld Blue21Oceanside7M Pool Play
8/13/2211:40 PMDenver21Westside Ronin5M Pool Play
8/13/2221:40 PMNAV31Detroit5M Pool Play
8/13/2212:00 PMCincinnati5Belmont26M Pool Play
8/13/2222:00 PMLife West19Mystic River19M Pool Play
8/13/2212:20 PMScion45Chi. Lions (W)0W Pool Play
8/13/2222:20 PMBoston52Albuquerque0W Pool Play
8/13/2212:40 PMLife West (W)0Chi. N Shore12W Pool Play
8/13/2222:40 PMsHARCs5NoVa10W Pool Play
8/13/2213:00 PMWAC (W)26Rocky Mtn12W Pool Play
8/13/2223:00 PMAtlanta Quins10Tempe17W Pool Play
8/13/2213:20 PMSurfers26Berkeley5W Pool Play
8/13/2223:20 PMPhoenix (FL)38DC Furies5W Pool Play
8/13/2213:40 PMChicago28Dallas21M Pool Play
8/13/2223:40 PMBeltway22Atlanta14M Pool Play
8/13/2214:00 PMWAC7Old Blue26M Pool Play
8/13/2224:00 PMSchuykill River24Oceanside12M Pool Play
8/13/2214:20 PMDenver14NAV14M Pool Play
8/13/2224:20 PMWestside Ronin24Detroit21M Pool Play
8/13/2224:40 PMCincinnati Life West M Pool Play
8/13/2224:40 PMBelmont27Mystic River7M Pool Play
8/14/2219:00 AMBoston31sHARCs0W Bowl QF
8/14/2229:00 AMNOVA14Albuquerque5W Bowl QF
8/14/2219:20 AMBerkeley12Atlanta Quins17W Bowl QF
8/14/2229:20 AMTempe17DC Furies7W Bowl QF
8/14/2219:40 AMDallas21Oceanside7M Bowl QF
8/14/2229:40 AMWAC31Atlanta12M Bowl QF
8/14/22110:00 AMCincinnati5Detroit33M Bowl QF
8/14/22210:00 AMWestside Ronin10Mystic River12M Bowl QF
8/14/22110:20 AMScion50Life West0W Cup QF
8/14/22210:20 AMChicago NS12Chicago Lions7W Cup QF
8/14/22110:40 AMSurfers34Rocky Mtn W Cup QF
8/14/22210:40 AMWAC31Phoenix (FL)5W Cup QF
8/14/22111:00 AMChicago Lions14Old Blue20M Cup QF
8/14/22211:00 AMSchuykill River19Betlway5M Cup QF
8/14/22111:20 AMLife West5Denver7M Cup QF
8/14/22211:20 AMNAV19Belmont Shore5M Cup QF
8/14/22111:40 AMAlbuquerque5DC Furies33W Shield SF
8/14/22211:40 AMsHARCs7Berkeley24W Shield SF
8/14/22112:00 PMAtlanta17Westside Ronin14M Shield SF
8/14/22212:00 PMOceanside24Cincinatti7M Shield SF
8/14/22112:20 PMNOVA24Tempe19W Bowl SF
8/14/22212:20 PMBoston26Atlanta Quins7W Bowl SF
8/14/22112:40 PMWAC22Mystic River19M Bowl SF
8/14/22212:40 PMDallas35Detroit7M Bowl SF
8/14/2211:00 PMChicago Lions17Phoenix (FL)10W Plate SF
8/14/2221:00 PMLife West19Rocky Mtn14W Plate SF
8/14/2211:20 PMBeltway24Belmont Shore17M Plate SF
8/14/2221:20 PMChicago Lions33Life West0M Plate SF
8/14/2211:40 PMChicago NS0WAC29W Cup SF
8/14/2221:40 PMScion28Surfers12W Cup SF
8/14/2212:00 PMSchuykill River14NAV19M Cup SF
8/14/2222:00 PMOld Blue17Denver7M Cup SF
8/14/2212:20 PMDC Furies0Berkeley17W Shield Final
8/14/2222:20 PMAtlanta26Oceanside21M Shield Final
8/14/2212:45 PMWAC14Dallas27M Bowl Final
8/14/2222:45 PMNOVA5Boston20W Bowl Final
8/14/2213:10 PMChicago Lions14Life West22W Plate Final
8/14/2223:10 PMPhoenix (FL)19

Rocky Mtn

29W 7/th8th
8/14/2213:40 PMBeltway5Chicago Lions33M Plate Final
8/14/2223:40 PMBelmont Shore28Life West7M 7/th8th
8/14/2224:10 PMChicago NS7Surfers38W 3rd/4th
8/14/2214:10 PMWAC7Scion29W Cup Final
8/14/2224:35 PMSchuykill River29Denver0M 3rd/4th
8/14/2214:35 PMNAV17Old Blue0M Cup Final

Past Results

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