2023 Women’s Rugby Internationals – Schedule & Results

We’re tracking all the 2023 women’s rugby International matches below. Check back often for updates as matches change or are added.

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Schedule & Results


Time (CST)

Team 1


Team 2



Jan 7 British Army18Sweden5Friendly
Jan 21-22 Hamilton 7sNew Zealand winner  HSBC 7s Series
Jan 228:30 PMThe Thistles27WRU Developmental29Celtic Challenge
Jan 28 Seville27Lisbon5Iberic Cup
Jan 27-28 Sydney 7sNew Zealand winner  HSBC 7s Series
Jan 295:00 AMWRU Developmental26Combined Provinces27Celtic Challenge
Feb 47:00 AMPortugal39Finland0European Trophy
Feb 410:30 AMCombined Provinces45The Thistles12Celtic Challenge
Feb 1110:30 AMWRU Developmental7The Thistles21Celtic Challenge
Feb 126:00 AMNetherlands38Sweden12
European Championships
Feb 1810:30 AMCombined Provinces19WRU Developmental0
Celtic Challenge
Feb 196:00 AMSpain70Netherlands0
European Championships
Feb 257:30 AMThe Thistles26Combined Provinces333
Celtic Challenge
Feb 256:00 AMSpain90Sweden5
European Championships
Mar 3-5 Canada 7sNew Zealand Winner and qualified for 2024 Olympics  HSBC 7s Series
Mar 47:00 AMPortugal51Czechia0European Trophy
Mar 410:30 AMBelgium10Germany14European Trophy
Mar 186:00 AMCzechia0Finland3
European Championships
Mar 256:30 AMSpain14USA20
Four Nations
Mar 259:15 AMWales31Ireland5
Mar 2510:00 AMSouth Africa7Canada66Four Nations
Mar 2511:45 AMEngland58Scotland7TikTok Six Nations
Mar 2610:00 AMItaly12France22
Mar 31-Apr 1 Hong Kong 7sWinner New Zealand; Australia and USA qualified for 2024 Olympics  HSBC 7s Series
Apr 16:30 AMSpain20South Africa35
Four Nations
Apr 19:15 AMIreland3France53
Apr 110:00 AMCanada50USA17Pacific Four Series
Apr 111:30 AMScotland22Wales34
Apr 29:00 AMEngland68Italy5
Apr 74:00 AMEngland U1810Wales U180
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 75:00 AMScotland U180England U1821
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 76:00 AMWales U1817Scotland U187
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 710:00 AMFrance U1824Ireland U185
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 71:00 PMItaly U180France U1855
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 72:00 PMIreland U1810Italy U180
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 116:00 AMScotland U185Ireland U1831
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 117:00 AMIreland U185England U1814
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 1110:00 AMFrance U1844Scotland U180
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 1111:00 AMEngland U1815Italy U187
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 1112:00 PMWales U180France U187
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 112:00 PMItaly U187Wales U180
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 156:15 AMItaly U1819Scotland U1815
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 159:15 AMIreland U1817Wales U1819
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 1510:30 AMEngland U1857France U1810
Six Nations U18 Festival
Apr 157:00 AMGermany5Portugal20
European Trophy
Apr 158:15 AMWales3England50
Apr 1510:45 AMItaly24Ireland7
Apr 169:15 AMFrance55Scotland0
Apr 20-22 7s Challenger Series Leg 1South Africa won  Sevens Challenger Series
Apr 228:15 AMIreland0England48
Apr 2210:45 AMScotland29Italy21
Apr 239:15 AMFrance39Wales14
Apr 28-297:00 AM7s Challenger Series Leg 2South Africa won & qualified for 2024 World Series  Sevens Challenger Series
Apr 297:00 AMEngland38France33
Apr 299:30 AMItaly10Wales36
Apr 291:30 PMScotland36Ireland10
May 17:00 AMSweden17Hong Kong22International
May 67:00 AMNetherlands19Hong Kong17International
May 12-14 France 7sNew Zealand won & Ireland qualified for 2024 Olympics  HSBC 7s Series
May 202:00 AMAustralia22Fiji5International
May 205:00 AMSouth Africa87Cameroon0Africa Cup DI
May 207:00 AMKenya29Madagascar20Africa Cup DI
May 235:00 AMHong Kong23Kazakhstan27Asia Championships
May 247:00 AMMadagascar30Cameroon10Africa Cup DI
May 249:00 AMSouth Africa48Kenya0Africa Cup DI
May 262:30 AMPapua New Guinea0Fiji77Oceania Championships
May 264:30 AMSamoa69Tonga5Oceania Championships
May 285:00 AMKenya52Cameroon3Africa Cup DI
May 287:00 AMSouth Africa79Madagascar8Africa Cup DI
May 284:00 AMJapan72Kazakhstan0Asia Championships
May 302:30 AMSamoa83Papua New Guinea0Oceania Championships
May 304:30 AMFiji45Tonga12Oceania Championships
Jun 3 Brazil U23 USA U23 Americas Rugby Trophy
Jun 411:00 PMPapua New Guinea Tonga Oceania Championships
Jun 41:00 PMFiji Samoa Oceania Championships
Jun 7 Colombia U23 USA U23 Americas Rugby Trophy
Jun 9-11 European 7s Championship Algarve, Portugal   European 7s Championship
Jun 11 Brazil Colombia Americas Rugby Trophy
Jun 16-17 European 7s Trophy
Zagreb, Croatia
   European 7s Trophy
Jun 17-18 South American 7s – Olympic Qualifier   South American 7s
Jun 25 & 27 European Games – Olympic Qualifier   European Games 7s
Jun 294:00 AMAustralia New Zealand Pacific Four Series
Jul 5 Colombia Brazil WXV 3 Qualifier
Jul 7-9 European 7s Championship Hamburg, Germany   European 7s Championship
Jul 7-8 European 7s Trophy
Budapest, Hungary
   European 7s Trophy
Jul 86:00 PMCanada New Zealand Pacific Four Series
Jul 83:00 PMUSA Australia Pacific Four Series
Jul 9 Colombia Brazil WXV 3 Qualifier
Jul 143:00 PMUSA New Zealand Pacific Four Series
Jul 146:00 PMCanada Australia Pacific Four Series
Jul 22 Italy Spain WXV Qualification
Jul 30 Australia New Zealand Pacific Four Series
Aug 19-20 RAN 7s in Langford, CA (Olympic Qualifier)   RAN 7s
Sep 30 New Zealand Australia O’Reilly Cup
Oct 24-25 Africa Olympic Qualification (Tunisia)   Olympic Qualification
Nov 18-19 Asia Olympic Qualification   Olympic Qualification

Past Results

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