Howard Women’s Rugby Squad Vying for CRAA D2 Spring Championship

The Howard University women’s rugby team has been making waves in the collegiate rugby world, with their sights set on the CRAA D2 Spring Championship. This historically Black university, located in Washington, D.C., sports the only active HBCU women’s rugby team in the nation and they are rapidly gaining national recognition and acclaim.

The team, known as the Herd, has been making headlines for their impressive performances on the field. Led by Head Coach Katherine Aversano, the Herd has been consistently winning games and competing at a high level against some of the top teams in the country.

Last weekend in Charlotte, the newly established HBCU women’s rugby team won the College Rugby Association of America (CRAA) D2 Regional title, marking a significant achievement for the program. In their regional matchups, the team defeated Charlotte 46-0 and Appalachian State 43-26 to claim the title. This accomplishment is especially notable given that this is the first and only HBCU women’s rugby team competing at a high level. With this victory, the team has demonstrated its potential for further success in the future.

Now Howard is on its way to Houston for the CRAA D2 Spring Championship tournament where they will face the Claremont Foxes. This marks a pivotal moment for the team and a testament to their unwavering dedication and hard work.

With the hopes and dreams of the entire Howard University community resting on their shoulders, the Herd is determined to give it their all in the national championship tournament. Their impressive accomplishments have already become a source of pride and inspiration for the university, and the team’s journey to the championship is sure to be watched with excitement and anticipation.

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