2024 Africa Cup: Schedule, Results, How to Watch, and Path to WXV

The 2024 Africa Cup is back, with the excitement of World Cup qualification and WXV spots on the line. However, only last year’s contenders—Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, and South Africa—will participate due to the absence of promised African Divisions 2 and 3.

This absence leaves competitive African nations like Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tunisia sidelined, missing out on the chance to vie for World Cup and WXV qualification.

The round-robin matches will unfold at the Stade Makis, Antananarivo, Madagascar where South Africa is expected to dominate. Cameroon may struggle, while Madagascar and Kenya are likely to provide a closely contested match, especially with the home crowd advantage.

As the rugby fever takes over Madagascar, anticipation mounts for what promises to be an unforgettable showcase of talent and determination on the field.


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Schedule & Results


Time (CST/CDT)

Team 1


Team 2


May 45:00 AMSouth Africa55Cameroon0
May 47:00 AMMadagascar29Kenya22
May 85:00 AMSouth Africa63Kenya5
May 87:00 AMMadagascar12Cameroon5
May 125:00 AMKenya39Cameroon17
May 127:00 AMMadagascar17South Africa46

Past Results

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