Wiverns ’85 – the tour that changed the game | From ScrumQueens

Thirty years ago today a whirlwind hit women’s rugby in Britain (and, to a degree, France). Thirty-six Americans arrived for a two week rugby tour of England and France, and changed the game forever. Remembering the most important touring team in early history of women’s rugby – the Wiverns. Thirty years ago women’s rugby in … Read more

Test rugby under threat in Africa

from Scrumqueens: The most important and highest profile women’s test match every played between two African nations takes the beginning of September, when Uganda will play South Africa in the continent’s first official World Cup qualifier. However, news from East Africa at the weekend suggests that this could also be the last test between two African teams … Read more

Women’s test rugby wins parity with men’s game

Well, statistical parity at least. The IRB’s database of test match rugby results (http://www.irb.com/results/index.html) now includes all women’s test matches, as well as men’s games. The information has been loaded just in time for women’s test rugby’s 30th birthday (the first ever test took place on 13th June 1982 when France beat Netherlands in Utrecht 4-0) … Read more

Kiwi crisis highlights challenges for women’s rugby

Last month the Otago Rugby Football Union – one of Provincial Unions responsible for the game on New Zealand’s south island – went into administration owing over $NZ2,000,000. The causes of this financial are “many”, but principally seem to centre on the failure of the professional provincial (men’s) team, where overpaid, under-motivated and poorly managed … Read more