England v France: 6N Deciders that Stunned

2002 brought about the long-awaited expansion of the Women’s Five Nations tournament to accommodate six teams, but many neutrals who tuned in to watch the first ever round of W6N fixtures may have been tempted to declare the induction of Ireland a premature move, as stated on https://www.scrumqueens.com/. Predictably, they finished last, and a year … Read more

The Girl: Women’s Rugby World Cup Preview

England will face New Zealand in the World Cup final of women’s rugby on Saturday in what promises to be a thrilling encounter between two excellent teams. England go in as the odds-on favorites after thrashing France in the semis, but New Zealand will represent extremely dangerous opposition and it looks like it’s developing into … Read more

MARCH MADNESS? Rugby Ninja and YSC Rugby combine for FITNESS and RUGBY MADNESS!

Ashley (Shalay) and Wendy have been friends since 2006 when they met each other on a rugby pitch under a bright sun and blue sky. Whether it was the rugby Gods or another force in the Universe they were meant to meet. Since then Ashley and Wendy have both created their own rugby empires! Ashley created … Read more

Oklahoma Rugby adds Wendy Young to their Hall of Fame!

University of Oklahoma Rugby will enshrine its 2014 class of Hall of Famers in conjunction with its 40th Anniversary Friday, March 14, 2014 at Sooner Legends, starting at 7:00 pm. Jon Velie, OU’s Director of Rugby says, “This year’s class is indicative of the great tradition of OU Rugby, our first coach Kieran Malloy, our … Read more

TRRA Promotion – Wendy Young to L1 Referee

from Texas Rugby Union: On behalf of the TRRA and the Referee Advancement & Training Organization (RATO), it is my pleasure to announce that referee Wendy Young has been promoted to L1. Wendy is the first female to reach L1 status in Texas. She has been a great addition to the TRRA team as a referee, mentor … Read more

Congratulations Graduating Rugby Class of 2009!

Congratulations Class of 2009! As the fall rugby season comes to a close, the weather is starting to get colder (its a balmy 75 degrees in Texas!) and the craze for the Holidays is starting to buzz. I want to take this moment and congratulate all the graduating 2009 rugby players.  Whether graduating kindergarten (if … Read more