Raindrops on my soul…

It was officially the hottest day of the year in Austin so far today, it hit 99 degrees! This is the kind of heat that I love, when you go outside and your skin instantly starts prickling…it begins breaking into a sweat to try and combat the heat. A few hours ago the sky grew … Read more

Two STRONG Knees, what you got?

I remember when I was in high school and a girl on our basketball had torn her ACL for the second time. I remember thinking, wow that must absolutely be horrible to do it once, but twice? Well now that I have been through it twice, I do have to say the second time is … Read more

The Tip of an Iceberg

What a day, what a day. April 10, 2008 by far has been the worst day in awhile. I won’t bore you with the details of my horrible day, but will just get right to the worst part of the day. When I have a bad day I like to eat bad food and that … Read more

A Wendy Update

I know its been a while since I have wrote about my knee, my life or my personal rugby adventures…and I know you have been waiting with abated breath…so here I go! The last month has been crazy at work, we have been WAY busier than normal and that is a good thing. I recently … Read more

My a$$ is on Google Maps!

So I noticed that Austin has Street View now and so I looked up my work, Auditorium Shores, my co-workers house and then my own house. Then I noticed that there was a person in front of my house! So I zoomed in…and it was ME!!!! I think I am petting a cat or just … Read more

Comic of the Day: Frank Cho

Comic of the day: Comic borrowed from here. Your Scrumhalf Connection – Women’s Rugby Blog. Daily posts about rugby across the world! Read the blog at http://yourscrumhalfconnection.com and follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/scrumhalfblog