The Circle of Champions: Tracing the Utrecht Shield’s Journey in Women’s Rugby

The Utrecht Shield, more than just a trophy in women’s rugby, symbolizes the lasting spirit, unity, and toughness of women in sports. Serving as an emblematic counterpart to the men’s Raeburn Shield, it represents the pinnacle of international women’s rugby and has seen numerous fierce competitions across the globe. Currently held by Canada, the shield’s … Read more

Women’s Rugby Rundown for May 6-12

Welcome to the Women’s Rugby Rundown for May 6-12. This week, we’ve got the lineup set for the Grand Final in Madrid from May 31 to June 2, with the Championship and SVNS playoff pools now confirmed. We’ll find out who the top four Challenger teams are after this weekend’s HSBC Sevens Challenger event wraps … Read more

2024 Oceania Cup: Schedule, Results, How to Watch, and Path to WXV

Brisbane, Queensland, will be the epicenter of women’s rugby as it hosts the highly anticipated 2024 Oceania Rugby Women’s Championships from May 24 to June 2. Sunnybank Rugby Union Club will showcase teams from Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, and Papua New Guinea. In the past five tournaments, Fiji has clinched victory in three, with the Black … Read more

2024 Africa Cup: Schedule, Results, How to Watch, and Path to WXV

The 2024 Africa Cup is back, with the excitement of World Cup qualification and WXV spots on the line. However, only last year’s contenders—Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, and South Africa—will participate due to the absence of promised African Divisions 2 and 3. This absence leaves competitive African nations like Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tunisia sidelined, missing … Read more

USWRF True Story Series: 1994 Women’s Rugby World Cup Team

Source “I recall bagpipes, lots, and lots of bagpipes.” The US women showed up to the finals of the 1994 Women’s World Cup having shattered the international scoring record. Over four preliminary matches they had outscored their opponent by a combined score of 364-15. The local press described their play as ‘pyrotechnics’ for their explosive … Read more

Krista McFarren: An American Legend of the 1991 Rugby World Cup

We’re excited to continue our new series, “Pioneers of the Pitch,” where we celebrate the groundbreaking athletes, administrators, coaches, referees and fans who’ve left their mark on rugby in the USA. Each installment takes you on a journey through the inspiring stories of rising stars and seasoned legends, both on and off the field. Join … Read more

Barbara Bond: A Rugby Legend’s Journey to 1991 World Cup Glory

The world of sports has witnessed countless inspirational journeys, but few are as unique and captivating as that of Barbara Bond. Born and raised in Flemington, New Jersey, Barbara’s love affair with sports began during her elementary school years, long before she discovered her true calling in rugby. Barbara’s childhood was marked by an innate … Read more

2023 Rugby World Cup and WXV Tournament: A Rugby Autumn Like Never Before

Get ready for an action-packed few months of rugby as we gear up for the much-anticipated 2023 Rugby World Cup (Men’s) and the historic inaugural WXV Tournament (Women’s). First on the roster is the men’s Rugby World Cup, with the opening match set to kick off in France on September 8. The tournament will feature … Read more

The Road Ahead: Mapping the Rugby World Cups and Olympics (2023-2036)

The forthcoming decade in international rugby is set to be an exhilarating one with major tournaments lined up across the globe. The action begins in France, which will host the Men’s Rugby World Cup from September 8 to October 28, 2023. This tenth edition of the prestigious tournament will provide a thrilling start to a … Read more