Tornado Alley 7’s The women’s bracket has unfortanately been canceled. I had heard rumors of the Denton Whiptails, Arkansas Iron Maidens and OU duking it out…but I guess that didn’t work out. However there will be several men’s teams including Highschool, Collegiate, and Club. Remember this is a super-qualifier, so there is going to be … Read more

New Women's Team in Texas!!

To all clubs, My name is Robert Sweeney and I play rugby for Midwestern State University men’s team. This year we have had a spark in interest from females to start a women’s rugby team at MSU in Wichita Falls, TX. Based on the numbers we are expecting and also considering attrition rate, we would … Read more

USA Eagles Preparing for World Cup

With the Women’s Rugby World Cup looming, the USA team has gathered in California for one more run-through before the big event. “This is our last chance to fine tune things,” said center and vice captain Keenya Warner. “We won’t be together again, except for a backs assembly, until the World Cup, so this is … Read more

U23 National Team Announced

USA u23 Squad for Pihlly/MARFU series Last Name, First Name, Pos. Terr., Team, Age Kohanski Tess H U19 Syracuse 19Crapster-Pregont Meg FB NE Cornell 20Drey Kassie L MW UNI 20Griffin Kelly C SC UCLA 20Hughes Brea 8 W Texas A&M 20Potter Jillion 8 W UNM 20Tseng Jossy FH P Stanford 20Ahrendt Kirsten FB NE Dartmouth … Read more

In a blogging mood today!

I’m going to say it…and I hate to say it. Soccer players have turned into crying, whining babies. As a soccer player of 15 years at varying levels from HS to Club to Collegiate…I have to say that I am embarassed! The world cup was a slaughter of yellow cards and red cards. The most … Read more

Vote for Rugby!

Vote for rugby as an icon of English culture! Like apple pie to us Americans … Per Blondie and her blog. Your Scrumhalf Connection – Women’s Rugby Blog. Daily posts about rugby across the world! Read the blog at and follow me on Twitter at

Who's Number 1?

Arrived at work this morning at 5:30am. Whew…hate these early mornings, but at least I get done by about noon and have the whole day ahead! I was watching ESPN Classic at around 7:30 and the special Who’s Number 1 came on. It was AWESOME! They had a number of women listed including: Nadia Comaneci: … Read more

U23 Champs at NASC

Found a pic of the 2006 NASC champs. Great job ladies! Your Scrumhalf Connection – Women’s Rugby Blog. Daily posts about rugby across the world! Read the blog at and follow me on Twitter at

Austin Bloodfest June 24, 2006

Austin Bloodfest June 24, 2006Since this was a social tournament the Satiated Beavers decided to play it a little differently. Instead of having “selections” we decided that if you wanted to play you should just raise your hand! (I missed that memo as I was out getting McDonalds and hot choc…damn you Wendy!) Our first … Read more