DI and DII results

DIVISION I WOMEN’S COLLEGE PLAYOFFSThree of the four teams that advanced to last year’s championships return in 2006 as top-seeded Stanford defeated 79-7, Navy beat Air Force (34-10) and Penn State ran a 34-10 score up on Army. With a 39-28 win over 2004 semifinalist Virginia, Ohio State advances to its first-ever Division I Championship … Read more

Best of the West Wrapup

Best of the West Wrapup COMPETITIVE BRACKET1st Place Harlequin Olde Girls 29-172nd Place Austin Valkryies3rd Place Boulder Babes4th Place Oklahoma Roses5th Place HARC6th Place Alamo City SOCIAL BRACKET1st Place Arkansas Iron Maidens2nd Place University of Texas(waiting for the rest of the results) -Flickr Photos from Amy on Valkryies-Awaiting tournament photos from Joe… Great job Valks…it … Read more

away message

Hey all, I will be away for a few days as I am attending training camp for the West in Austin on Friday. Then playing with the Oklahoma Roses in the Best of the West tournament. Freakin’ excited! Good rugby ahead!! Will post results monday! Peace.WE Your Scrumhalf Connection – Women’s Rugby Blog. Daily posts … Read more

Best of the West Tournament Schedule

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KC Jazz vs. Scottsdale Blues April 15, 2006

Thanks to Chris Franz for writing this up so eloquently! —————- Kansas City Jazz 48-7 over Scottsdale Blues It was a warm humid sunny Saturday morning with temperatures in the mid 70s when the Scottsdale Blues kicked off to the Kansas City Jazz at 11:00am at Seymour Field in Kansas City. The Jazz began the … Read more

Baton Rouge Barbarians

I added the Baton Rouge Barbarians under Texas Clubside teams today. Not sure if you are club, but it didn’t sound like you were collegiate. Send me some more details! Here is the email I recieved: Dear Wendy, Hi, thanks for sending that website address out! I am the contact for the newest women’s club … Read more

Best of the West…aren't we organized!!

The Best of the West tournament is in Austin, TX this weekend….I am very excited!! I have recieved many phone calls, emails etc and am LOVIN’ the organization. Makes me want to make our tournaments even better! Here are the pools and the teams attending:Pool 1Austin ValkryiesColorado Black IceOklahoma Roses Pool 2Olde GirlsBoulder BabesAlamo City … Read more


Thought this was pretty interesting…found via usar-press@usarugby.org ————— USARFUReferees and Laws CommitteeLaws sub-committeeBOULDER, Colo.- Less than three years ago the ruling copied below was circulated to all Referees Societies. Recent events have made it clear that this issue needs to be circulated again, with some amplification. ———————————–Original Ruling—————————- RULING ON USE OF RED AND YELLOW … Read more

Wilkinson is sore but happy after comeback

Since this is my favorite male rugger, I had to include him!——found via Google Alerts Wilkinson is sore but happy after comebackBy John WesterbyNewcastle Falcons 32 Sale Sharks 21 Jonny Wilkinson (GETTY) AS THE referee blew for full time at a sunny Kingston Park yesterday, Jonny Wilkinson stood hunched over, his hands resting on his … Read more

KC Jazz update

From an anonymous poster: The first half of this match saw the Menagerie’s ‘A’ side pitted against most of the Jazz’s new more inexperienced players. The Menagerie jumped out to a 14 – 5 lead at the half. In the second half the Jazz put many of their experienced players in while the Menagerie played … Read more