Rugby Retirement?

When do you plan on retiring from rugby? 25? 35? 40? I think it all depends on when you starting playing rugby…I have only been playing 6 years and I can’t wait for each season to begin. But the toll that rugby takes on the body can be a brutal one. Most players are battered … Read more

They will look at me with mormon eyes!

So someone emailed today and asked why my nickname is Fancy. UMM, hello? Cause I’m FANCY? I am free to admit that I have a big head, its fine. I still fit through doorways, so I’m happy. Fancy was given to me by Meredith Bagley (Valkyrie teammate), I assume because I am just that damn … Read more

NA4 Details

This NA4 is definitely stirring up some thoughts. Here are some more details from New Women’s Territorial Union Season Announced6.28.07 – USA Rugby has released the upcoming schedule for elite Territorial Union matches. Tier 1 teams will play two games away and one home, Tier 2 teams will play 2 home matches and 1 … Read more

Rugby Here and There…

Sorry the blogging has been in short order recently…work has been heating up with the next Fight Nite and life just keeps getting in the way! A few exciting things that have happened this weekend and today: ROBOSAURUS! The Alamo Drafthouse is premiering Transformers tonight and they brought in this awesome mechanical contraption. He is … Read more

Rain, Rain, rain..rain…

Umm, so its still raining. It hasn’t stopped raining for like two weeks. And they are predicting rain until like next week, like NEXT SATURDAY! This is crazy! I went on to get a synopsis, and they provided me with this great graphic. WOW, could have figured that out on my own! So it … Read more

Rookie/Collegiate Clinic – Hosted by Austin Valkyries

Rookie/Collegiate Clinic – Hosted by Austin Valkyries A one-day clinic coached by: Meredith Bagley (USA Eagle Pool)Heidi Whitman (USA Eagle Pool)Meg Pace (playing over 15 years)Wendy Young (USA Eagle Pool)Traci Schmidtke (USA U23 Eagle) Cost is being determined as we speak. We are thinking about showing a Tri-nations rugby game or some sort of game … Read more

More and More 7s…

MORE AND MORE 7s…IN ORDER BY DATE: 40th annual Sneath Cup 7s – Denver, CO We would like to have your club play in the Sneath Cup 7s. As you may know we are hosting one of the three Mens WRFU 7s Super Regional Qualifiers, Mens Social & Womens Club Brackets, Youth Division. Saturday July … Read more

Eco-Friendly Rugby Ball (Fair Trade!)

Wendy, Got to your blog from someone linking to ours. I’m from Texas, so the Valkyries caught my eye. Quick question: do you have any teammates insane for Fair Trade coffee there in Austin? If so, they might be interested to know we have the first eco-friendly rugby ball in the States that is also … Read more

Drop Kick Photos

If you haven’t checked out Dropkick Photos recently….you should!! Check out these great shots of ME! They did a great job of taking successive photos of the action. The NASC photos are particularly good, but they have TONS of other rugby pictures. Your Scrumhalf Connection – Women’s Rugby Blog. Daily posts about rugby across the … Read more

Bloodfest 7s Results

Bloodfest 7s – June 23, 2007 1st Place: Baton Rouge2nd Place: Denton3rd Place: Texas Tech/Corpus Christi Motley4th Place: Satiated Beavers5th Place: Olde Girl Valks* *Olde Girl Valks only chose to play 2 games and were undefeated on the day. The tournament was a great success with over 30 men’s teams and 5 women’s teams. The … Read more