Off the Streets and Onto the Rugby Pitch

Another great article from my inbox that was passed on to me by Rick of TYRA (Texas Youth Rugby Associaton) fand I thought it was very interesting, the video is quite good as well. These types of iniatives are essential for Youth Rugby and will help build our youth teams! from ABC News:The city of … Read more

Rugby Video Monday: New York U19 Rugby

Welcome to another Monday! Ok, sorry its Tuesday, but it totally slipped my mind yesterday to do this! Thanks to Jenna for sending in the video this week! Great video of New York Rugby Club’s U19 Program on Good Morning America (ABC). Marysol Castro, former NYRC player and current ABC correspondent, aired her piece on … Read more

Rugby Video Monday: Women’s NCAA Rugby

As promised last week here is the USA Rugby NCAA Video that was presented during the NASCs (ITTs) in PA this year. The video was shown during a few of the games at NASCs, and was awesome! So here it is and a few other highly recommended videos are listed as well: USA Rugby’s, Girls’ … Read more