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The “us” in the About Us is pretty simple, Wendy Young created the site in March 2006 because she couldn’t find much information on women’s rugby on the internet. Originally the site was called ‘West Rugby Blog’ as she focused on rugby in the Western part of the United States.

She then re-branded to Your Scrumhalf Connection in 2008 once it was clear that the site and topic of covering women’s rugby was viable. In all honesty, the site blew up very fast and we’re honored to keep it going.

Original West Rugby Blog image
Original artwork from West Rugby Blogspot…see that fancy b&w with the red cut-out? Whoa!

Playing Career

Galveston Rugby Tournament - 2005

After a long love affair with soccer Wendy was yearning for something different. She was out with some friends one evening and they received a flyer for football and rugby. They split up and half went to football and half went to a rugby practice. The group had a clear opinion that the football practice was just OK and rugby was awesome, so we went to two practices with the University of Oklahoma and then played in our first rugby game against Oklahoma State University that weekend! Wendy played scrumhalf and flyhalf for OU from 2001-2005.

In 2006 Wendy moved to Austin, TX to play with the Austin Valkyries. Over the years she was selected to play on several select side teams including West 7s, West U23 15s, West Senior 15s and Texas Senior 15s. In 2007-2008 she was selected to be a member of the USA Rugby Women’s National Team pool. 

Wendy retired from playing in 2011 to focus on refereeing and covering women’s rugby.

Player Coaching Career

Wendy has never been good at doing just one thing…while playing she also coached at the University of Texas, with the Austin Valkyries and several select side teams in Texas and at the West (regional) level.

Referee Career

Glendale vs Berkeley 2017In 2004 Wendy’s coach encouraged her to take the referee certification course. Originally she took it to understand the laws to help her playing but in 2008 she became a dual-track athlete playing and refereeing.

Once Wendy retired in 2011 from playing, she began to focus solely on refereeing. She received her first USA refereeing appointment in 2012, the World Rugby 7s circuit from 2014-15, her first Men’s D1 match in 2014, the RRRC Men’s D1 Championship in 2015, the WPL league in 2017 and a WPL Championship match in 2018. Ironically the WPL match in 2018 was her last with the whistle in hand.

Referee Coach Career

As you can probably tell, Wendy doesn’t idle well so before she retired from center refereeing she became a Referee Coach Match Official (CMO) in 2016. She began coaching individuals referees in 2017 and is currently  working with the Texas Rugby Referee Association (TRRA), NIRA, D1A conferences as well as the WPL and MLR leagues.

Administration Career

In 2008 USA Rugby began a Geographic Union pilot program which included a paid administration position. Wendy was honored to be asked to pilot this for the Texas Rugby Union GU and she continues in that role today. Wendy oversees the day-to-day operations of the Union and is also responsible for the annual TRU Summit conference, our various Championship events and the Women’s All Star Challenge.

Traci Young

The other half of YSC Rugby has always been Traci but she prefers to be more in the background. In the beginning she didn’t reveal herself but had a pseudonym of ‘The Girl’. 

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About “The Girl” – Traci Young

The Girl | Your Scrumhalf Connection PartnerThe Girl’s story…I started playing rugby in college at Texas A&M University (whoop!!!). For those of you who don’t know our story, Wendy and I were mortal enemies in college! Both captains and officers of our rival clubs… it was a sight when we played against each other.

To make a long story short… call it fate, a full moon, opposites attract, what have you…we both moved to Austin after college to play for the Austin Valkyries and soon after became a duo on and off the field as players, coaches, referees and administrators.

Wendy started this site in May 2006 and I’ve been her silent partner working behind the scenes collecting stories, scores, pictures and videos. I’m a bit private and therefore have the title “The Girl”. Its kinda my alter ego :).

I hope you enjoy what we produce… feel free to contact me as well!

Rugby is our passion and we strive to bring you the best and brightest news. We can’t do it without you and we urge you to make a contribution today.

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