Elite Girls Rugby League (EGRL) Shaping the Future of Women’s Rugby in the Mid-Atlantic

The Elite Girls Rugby League (EGRL) has become a prominent force in girls’ high school rugby, fostering growth and creating unique opportunities for talented athletes. Originating in the Mid-Atlantic HS Conference, EGRL has expanded its reach along the East Coast, comprising 13 teams and 4 emerging teams. The league not only conducts regular conference matches … Read more

A Try for Change: Fatma El-kindiy and the Rise of Women’s Rugby in Tanzania

Fatma El-kindiy is a name synonymous with women’s rugby in East Africa. In just a year since taking on the role of Head of Women’s Development at the Tanzania Rugby Union, she has made significant strides in growing the sport and empowering young girls through the power of the oval ball. El-kindiy’s journey with rugby … Read more

Rugby’s Global Growth: Empowering Women, Girls, and Emerging Nations

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, rugby is experiencing a remarkable resurgence worldwide. The latest data from World Rugby reveals an impressive 11 percent increase in global participation in 2023, reaching a staggering 8.46 million players. This resurgence is fueled by several factors, including the sport’s appeal among the younger generation and a strategic … Read more

Karl Barth: Shaping the Future of Women’s Rugby

We’re excited to continue our new series, “Pioneers of the Pitch,” where we celebrate the groundbreaking athletes, administrators, coaches, referees and fans who’ve left their mark on rugby in the USA. Each installment takes you on a journey through the inspiring stories of rising stars and seasoned legends, both on and off the field. Join … Read more

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Hey everybody, Wendy from YSCRugby here. We’ve joined up with Patreon so we can continue to bringing you awesome women’s rugby news. This partnership allows us to share exclusive content like bloopers…keep watching for our first round and join us at https://patreon.com/yscrugby! If you’re already a fan of our work, join us for $3 a … Read more

Emily Scarratt Wins Six Nations Award & Hong Kong Kicks Off | WRR 008

Vietnamese’s Mai is a 13-year-old rugby player whose life was transformed by her introduction to rugby through the Vietnamese ChildFund-supported program working with community clubs

Under the Posts – Nov 2-8 begins with England’s Emily Scarratt receiving the inaugural Women’s Six Nations player award, France suspends most of their amateur competitions, Round 4 wrap of Allianz Premier 15s, Hong Kong competitions kick off, Rachael Burford & Simon Middleton call for more coverage of the women’s game, RAN rugby announces their … Read more

ARPTC Commits to Youth & High School Rugby

ARPTC Commits to Youth & High School Rugby

American Rugby Pro Training Center is proud to announce its appointment of Ryszard Chadwick as the Director of Rugby Development & Performance. “ARPTC stands committed to the long haul. We recognize that the future of rugby in the USA depends on a full commitment to the youth and high school space. Ryszard brings his experience … Read more

2020 WRCRA Conference – January 17-19 @ Atlanta, GA

The Women’s Rugby Coaches and Referees Association (WRCRA) is hosting their second annual conference January 17-19 in Atlanta, GA.  Women’s Rugby has been built by generations of women who are unapologetic about who they are and the ways diverse identities contribute to positive team cultures. The 2020 WRCRA Conference will explore this connection between personal … Read more

ARPTC: High School Girls Residency Program


American Rugby Pro Training Center is proud to announce the ARPTC High School Full-Time Residency Program! The High School Residency Program is a three week immersion training experience for female rugby players aged 16-18. As the only full-time, multi-week rugby residency training environment in the country, the ARPTC High School Residency Program is a unique … Read more