Added a new Subreddit of Wrugby – Start posting!

I love the website and reguarly follow the /r/RugbyUnion subreddit. Today, I realized that there isn’t a subreddit for Women’s Rugby, so I added it! If you aren’t familiar with Reddit, it is similar to Digg or Stumbleupon and is based all on user submitted content. Users can then vote stories up/down based on how they feel. If we can have tons of women rugby players submitting content from their local area or any stories that relate to women’s rugby, we could have a pretty cool community!

Visit today! To post a link, scroll down to the right and click Submit Link. It’s that easy!

If you also want to become a moderator of the group, let me know, I will happily add you!

Want to know more about Reddit and how it works, I recommend this blog.



  • Mike Williams

    I check out the rugby subreddit all the time, and never knew about wrugby. I’ll have to check it out.
    Mike @

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