Survey on Rugby TV Coverage in the United States

I was first introduced to rugby when I was 18 years old and a freshman in college. After just one practice, I was hooked; I fell in love with the sport, the team, and everything that it represents. But I wondered to myself why I’d never heard about this amazing sport before then, or ever seen it being played? I didn’t even know it existed. I blame the relative lack of television coverage.

Recently, I’ve been fortunate to coach several youth rugby teams, and I truly believe the future of the sport lies in youth development and exposing new generations to the benefits of learning and playing rugby. Such exposure can happen in an organic grassroots way, but truly the most efficient way is to increase rugby’s visibility in the various media platforms we often structure our lives around. At least that way, no one can leave for college not knowing at least something about rugby.

Currently a master’s student at The New School in New York City, I’ve decided to embrace my passion and write my graduate thesis on rugby and its media exposure. For more information on my project please visit the link below. But above all, please consider filling out this survey on rugby TV coverage in the U.S. for my thesis research — I really appreciate the help! Thank you for your participation, and don’t forget to send the survey around to all your rugby friends and teammates.

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Marta Tartar
MA in Media Studies
The New School

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